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What do you need on MNF Week 6 Dallas at LAC? (1 Viewer)


I need Keenan Allen to score less points than he has in 29 of the last 31 games (9.52 in full PPR)

My situation is hopeless, so let me hear about something more manageable.

Whaddayagot whaddaya need?
Up 6. He has Herbert. I have the newly acquired Ceedee. Ppr league so a 6 catch 100 yard game with a TD from Lamb would do it. Hopefully all the Ceedee Lamb isn't #1 wr talk lights a fire. Kinda weird but it's the first Monday night game of year where my matchup isn't wrapped up.
i have a ton of leagues with a handful of close ones going into tonight. a mediocre eckler game is prolly best for me overall even if it hurts one or two teams of mine
Ekeler to score 6 less than CeeDee Lamb it's 1/2 ppRush and full PPR but the way my season has been going... I could see Ekeler outscoring Lamb by 40 and a Cowboys loss to put the cherry on top for me.
In (.5ppr) leagues I need around 16pts from Lamb in one, in another I need 28pts between Lamb & Aubrey. Fantasy is the only reason I watch any of it. Nowadays I only regret watching, never not watching. If Lamb isn't scoring early & often, I'm outta there! Good luck to everyone!
Chasing 50, full PPR, 6pt TD's, I have Lamb, Ferguson and Dicker the kicker going... not likely to pull it off but stranger things have happened.
Doesn't exactly sound more manageable, but I need 63 out of the combination of Herbert, Prescott, and Aubrey. Im'a start looking at next week...

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