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Week 8: What do you need on MNF? (1 Viewer)


Las Vegas Raiders at Detroit Lions - is your game decided or yet to be determined?

Whaddayagot, whatchaneed?

I am down 37.62 in full PPR 4 pt pass TD
  • Goff
  • Gibbs
  • LaPorta
dead heat - I have Adams, he has St.Brown.....mano a mano

Should not be close, but I went with Flowers over Aiyuk.
First time in a while that both of my money league matches are up in the air.

10-team PPR:
Need Adams to score 20.5 (in other words, I'm down 20.4 and my opponent is done).

12-team PPR:
Up 21 with LaPorta vs. Gibbs and the Lions D.
17.5 point lead with my Davante versus his Goff.

.5 PPR

4 Pt passing
-2.5 for turnovers.

Gotta Feel pretty good about it but crazier things have happened.
Pretty bad week, looks like I've lost in all but one where I need Gibbs to get less than 19 in PPR which seems like a decent sweat
Down 25.1 pts in a standard re-draft with Amon-Ra and Laporta to go. Can’t remember being in an interesting MNF situation like this for a while actually !
Up two points. My Davante Adams and Trevon Moehrig against his Amon-Ra St. Brown and Jakobi Meyers. Full PPR for the receivers.

I don't know about those chances. I'm projected to lose by five.

Would love to squeak out a win. Would be huge for my prospects going forward.
I need 13 points from Goff and Laporta in 6pt per TD, 1.5ppr TE league. Feel pretty confident able to move to 7-1.
Since You All Care(tm)

Four leagues. I need the following to win this week's fantasy match-up:

League A: Riley Patterson to score five kicking points. That's it. One FG and two XPs, one long FG and one XP, five XPs, etc. Note that last week he was shut out -- that can't happen two weeks in a row, can it?

League B: Jakobi Myers to have at least one catch for 15 yards. Two catches for ten yards would also put me over the top. As would four catches for a combined zero yards.

League C: For Jared Goff, Jamyr Gibbs, and Devante Adams to, collectively, do almost nothing. I'll need a ton of luck to squeak by here -- Goff just needs an OK QB game to beat me by himself. Gibbs and Adams give my opponent fail-safes.

League D: For Amon-Ra St. Brown to not outscore Jakobi Meyers and Raiders Defense by 32 points. As long as Amon-Ra doesn't approach any NFL records (e.g. 5+ TD receptions, 350+ yards receiving), my squad should be OK.
League 1:
PPR IDP redraft
After the Eke fumble, I now need 11.6 from Davante Adams. Managed to face Mahomes + Kelce on a fortunate week. Unfortunately my opponent managed to face LJax on a fortunate week as well. This should be lock, but I've been in this position before (with Adams, more than once) and lost.

League 2: 16 team dynasty league, PPR, IDP, TE-P:
Double Header week
game 1: I have Maxx, + Spillane, with a 23.15 point lead, facing Hutch + Moehrig - this should be ok. Of course this was the week I got cute and started Van Ginkel (2.5) instead of Thibideaux (57.5)
game 2: I have Maxx + Spillane, with a 97.66 point lead, and I'm facing Josh Jacobs + Mayer + Jerry Jacobs + JimmyG - again, this should be a W, but there's a lot of action there. The 100 point lead + 2 players in big-play scoring format helps.
1/2 point PPR. I am up by 9.66 points. He has Adams and Meyers. I have Gibbs.

Shouldn't even be a game, but I of course have Mahomes. Gonna be tight. My team is 6-1.
Up by 38.5 against the undefeated top team in the league. He has Jacobs, Meyer and Goff against my Hutchinson.

Hutch, like any DL, has been inconsistent but estimate 10 pts.

Goff against the raiders is probably good for 25. Jacobs averages 12, meyers 15.

So I think I lose by 5 unless hutch gets multiple sacks.
need Adams to get 52pts in a PPR so I can lose.

my tanking has NOT been going as planned (aside from the draft picks ive collected)...
The team that kept a young corps & dealt all of his aging vets in one of my dynasty leagues is currently 2nd overall with 6 wins. He's had incredibly good (bad for him) schedule luck and faced better teams that took nose dives the week they played him. His own 1st is looking bottom 3. Incredible how that works out sometimes.
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45 PPR points from the Gibbs/Meyers/LaPorta trio. I kinda like my chances.

I thought I was dead in the water after the noon games (Lamb especially) but thankfully Lamar/Walker/Allen all performed well below expectations.
Currently ahead by 57, so I need the opposing combination of
Jimmy G,
Sam Laporta
and JakobiMeyers
to not outscore my ARSB by more than that.
Over 37 half-PPR pts from ARSB and Gibbs

I'd guess I have a 1/4 shot. I'd feel a lot better if ARSB wasn't feeling fluish.

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