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What shows would you recommend for that has never watched TV before? (1 Viewer)


Breaking Bad



Law and Order


The last one will get me some grief but I’ve never been so all-in on a show as I was during the first few seasons of Lost.



Monty Python's Flying Circus

The Fugitive (both David Janssen and Tim Daly versions)

The Larry Sanders Show

Mad Men

Lonesome Dove

ETA: and, in case you're curious what TV was like in the beginning, The Ernie Kovacs Show

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A lot of good stuff already noted. I'll fill in some gaps.

Dr Who.  It's been running since 1963... that's a long time and this series has influenced a lot of stuff.

Twin Peaks.  This show changed everything about TV circa 1990. 

Band of Brothers.  Best series on war.  Nothing more to say. 

Avatar the Last Airbender.  If you don't know what this is, you're missing out.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  This show has been consistently funny for a long time 

Honorable mention (with a heavy basis to recent stuff and stuff I like):

Arrested Development

Big Mouth


Battlestar Galactica

Batman the Animated Series

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

The Venture Brothers

The Twlight Zone

The X-Files

Star Trek, all variations

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Mister CIA

My first TV show was Sesame Street, and vivid memories of The Electric Company and Zoom are two of my favorite things. 

I would start there, and then get curious about the Brady Bunch, The Flintstones, Gilligan's Island, and The Munsters.  Maybe a year from now we can discuss Laverne and Shirley.

You're gonna love 60 Minutes!



I don't understand the point of the thread, everyone is just going to spit out their favorites, none of which might mean anything to you.

Can you give us an idea of the types of books you like, what genre of movies do you enjoy?  Anything that can help us form a list instead of just giving meaningless favorites?


El Floppo

Imo, if the person has never watched TV, they need to see the entire spectrum to understand it... Give em Maury, kardashians, the Wire, Seinfeld, Nova


The General

I had never really watched “The Office”. I knew a lot of the memes and most of the characters just from pop culture.

Just watched it over the past year and got to say it is in top 5 comedies. A few seasons in the middle were really, really good.

Dwight Shrute is one of the better characters from a show all time. 



This series does not get enough love imo. It was groundbreaking TV in the 80s. 
Yes. Had a friend try to argue the Law&Order had the most influence on procedural shows. He was too young to have seen HSB.

My response was, "What do you think influenced Law and Order? Now shut up and go watch it."

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northern exposure

Yes. Had a friend try to argue the Law&Order had the most influence on procedural shows. He was too young to have seen HSB.

My response was, "What do you think influenced Law and Order? Now shut up and go watch it."
**** Wolf the main writer of L&O was also a writer on HSB. The creator of HSB was also the creator of LA Law and  NYPD Blue. Other Writers for HSB went on to create Deadwood and Miami Vice. HSB influenced alot of great TV.


Don Quixote

The Simpsons

Fawlty Towers

I Love Lucy

Breaking Bad


ETA:  For the why.  Simpsons because Simpsons references are a part of daily life (at least for FBG age demographic).  Fawlty Towers for the flat-out funniest show I've ever watched.  I Love Lucy because another timeless cultural touchstone.  Breaking Bad as the best drama that I've ever watched.  NOVA because I love documentaries and needed to include one here (debated Planet Earth and Ken Burns' Civil War, but they are closer to miniseries).  I DVR every episode of NOVA, Frontline, Nature -- some of the best stuff on TV.

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Aerial Assault

If we're talking dramas, then 

Star Trek


Mad Men

Buffy/Angel (or GOT if they prefer something newer) 

L.A. Law or Law & Order

This covers the gamut, I think, of drama genres (Sci fi, cops, modern antihero, fantasy, and legal) and would give them a sense of where to go next.  Honorable mention to ER for the medical drama genre.  



Any list that doesn’t included Breaking Bad, Seinfeld and The Office make me wonder if people really understand TV at all.  

Sometimes Andy I wonder if you understand me at all.  


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