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What's Normal? - Have you ever had sex in a moving vehicle? (1 Viewer)

Have you ever had sex in a moving vehicle?

  • Yes

    Votes: 72 58.1%
  • No

    Votes: 52 41.9%

  • Total voters
College was fun. My life before being married seems so distant and far away. Like it was someone else's life.
It's interesting to think about whether this effect continues as you get older. Like you, I'm ~50 and it sometimes feels like my high school and college years were lived by some other guy. So if I make it to 80, are all those years of parenting going to be like a hazy dream that happened to somebody else? In other words, is 80 to 50 what 50 is to 20?
College was fun:
RV to lake havasu
RV to big bear
while driving to santa barbara
back seat as passengers
Tajuana taxi

there may be more
Being "taken care of" while driving, yes. Traditional definition, no.

Unless you count an Amtrak train, then yes.
Wasn’t me but this thread reminds me of the story my buddy told me about him and his then girlfriend in a flying Blackhawk (no doors). Probably the most dangerous time I’ve ever heard of.
I don't think so. Certainly not all four bases.

I pulled over and took care of business plenty, but never while I was driving.
Had a couple "incidents" with girlfriends while I was driving..
Lets just say exciting and terrifying at the same time :eek:
very close, but technically no

started while moving then stopped and pulled over to side of the road

in a non moving car several times

but never the entire deed from beginning to end while moving in a car(train yes, plane yes)
I think it started on the freeway and ended up after pulling off the road in a business park at night. Many... many moons ago.

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