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What's Normal? - How did you celebrate your 50th Birthday? (1 Viewer)

Smart with the cupcakes surrounding the birthday cake. Might be a little wax on the cake.
Mine is not until October, but I'll be having a huge event in NYC with 20 world renowned chefs and the top NYC mixologists. On the guest list will be Lin-Manuel Miranda, Paul Rudd, Neil Patrick Harris, Elvis Duran, among others. We will be enjoying a fine meal prepared right at our table and as a gift, we will donating close to a millon dollars to fight pediatric cancer.

Well, actually, its my non-profit client's gala (that's last years event page) and this year it just so happens to fall on my 50th birthday (10/8). But still.....lol
Not sure, turn 49 in June. Wife and I have discussed doing a nice tropical vacation though. Bora bora or Tahiti or the like.

Happy Birthday in advance though!
Mine was April 2020, 3 weeks after the original Covid shutdown. Couldn't do anything, nothing was open other than for take out. Me and the wife got a pizza maybe, and I think we were repainting our living room, Im not sure. Very non-eventful.
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Mine was last month and I did something off my bucket list. Went to England for 10 days to watch a couple soccer games, one being Manchester United at Old Trafford. Saw another match in London, hit up Wrexham looking for Ryan Reynolds (he wasn't there)....

Took my daughter, my mother, sister and bro in law all joined us. My Sister (47) and her husband (53) also have Feb bdays so it was more than just my 50th...
Dinner on the top floor of a high-rise in Istanbul overlooking the city with my wife and two kids. We were going to be on the Turkish coast for our vacation, and timed it so we could be in Istanbul as I love it maybe more than any other place. Glad I wasn't home, in fact. Kept having any fuss to a minimum.
Wife and I turn 50 in August/October. I doubt we'll do much - by a weird coincidence, we have a lot of trips planned for this year. Maybe we'll head to Isle Royale NP and camp/hike for a few days or something.

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