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What's your QB/TE draft strategy? (1 Viewer)


Always felt like getting the advantage TE early and hitting on the leap QB late is a league winner.  Who makes the jump that can be had outside the top 12 QB's?  Who is this year's Josh Allen?

Joe Burrow stands out with all his toys.  Feel like Stafford could keep pace with players going much earlier than him in McVay's scheme and positive game scripts.  Am I crazy to think Sam Darnold with a ton of weapons in Carolina could do some positive things?  Carson Wentz if he and TY were healthy.  He may be a second half of the season guy to target.  And, Jameis Winston.  :shrug:



Always felt like getting the advantage TE early and hitting on the leap QB late is a league winner.
Was certainly true last year, but we're not that far removed from Kittle, Andrews and Waller coming out of the late rounds. I don't see anyone making that leap this year (which is why I've been targeting the Big Six) but it could certainly happen again.



Final draft tonight, and it's my main money league. Traditional 14-teamer that dropped to 12 last year and is now back up to 14. Standard scoring. I'm picking out of the 4 spot.

I'm finding in mocks that if I want to get one of Andrews/Hock/Pitts I may need to reach at the end of the 4th; they often don't come back to me in the early 5th. Don't love doing that, but I like it better than reaching for Logan Thomas in the 5th or totally punting on TE.

QB I'm not sweating as much, because I think there are a number of later-round options I'd be happy with: Rodgers/Herbert if I want to reach, Tannehill/Hurts/Stafford if I don't, and Fitz if I miss out on a run, with a late-round flier on Tua or one of the rookies.

(Have also found that, in this scenario, I like my roster better if I get an RB2 in the 3rd round like Hendu, Carson or Gus and wait to get my WR2 in the 5th).

As always, I'll try to stay water and adapt to facts on the ground, but that's my mindset going in.



I never expected to take BOTH a QB/TE early but I did in one draft and am not crazy about the results.

I took Kelce in the early 2nd (no concerns there after the top 3 WRs were gone). However, in the 3rd, I didn't like any of the RBs and there were a ton of good WRs. I ended up taking Josh Allen there and Godwin in the 4th. In hindsight, I should have taken Allen Robinson in the 3rd and Tom Brady in the 6th. Instead I ended up with Allen in the 3rd and Claypool in the 6th. We'll see how the points shake out by the end of the year. With 6 pts for all TDs I should be ok. Allen looks like he will be an absolute stud again this year.


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