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Where are the draft strategy guides for certain size/type leagues? (1 Viewer)


Isn't it FBG that posts the league size/type specific strategy guides every year?

Example: 12-team, non-PPR draft strategy guide?


Am I thinking of another site, or are they here and I'm just missing them?

I'm not talking about mock draft results, but draft strategies by round for specific leagues.

Talking about the perfect draft articles? Those usually come out the day before the season starts after everyone has already drafted.

They come out in August usually, so right now I rely on the archives from previous years to get strategy. Look under Articles, open 2012 Archives and search for "Perfect Draft" and you will see the various formats. The actual names of the players will change when the articles are done this year, but I rarely see the strategy (or text) change much from one year to the next.

That's it! Thanks! Looks like we will need to wait until the 3rd week of August, or so.

Is there a timetable for the perfect draft articles?

On the one hand, I do love to see Dodds' "target players" (as that is really the only part that changes each year). On the other hand, one poster was right - it does usually come out after most of us have drafted.

So again, just curious on the time table. And just a suggestion I will throw out there - IF the article won't come out til one week before the season starts, despite over 50% of drafts having already taken place already - then perhaps Dodds can have a running shark pool thread with his general thoughts. Or even an article that he refreshes every few days with his general thoughts. (Info like: Gronkowski is the one guy I am targeting in all my leagues this year...a few yrs back...spoke volumes about how he felt. But yet again - as I cannot stress this enough - if this info come out at the end of August - it does not help many of the subscribers.)

Btw, for those of you that usually chime in with, "Why not just PM Dodds or whomever instead of asking this sort of thing publicly?"

Please note that I tried. I tried to PM Dodds, but apparently you are not allowed. I then PM'd Joe instead asking if he could pass it along to Dodds, as well as emailed Joe asking the same thing.

I really think a running piece (not necessarily an article, but rather just a General Thoughts piece) could be very helpful that Dodds updates every few days up until the real articles are released. They are great articles, but the timeliness of them is usually pretty late.

A running piece on general thoughts where things like the following are included, would be awesome!!!


- If so-and-so is available after the first four rounds, I will be jumping all over this guy.

- The one guy I am trying to get in all my leagues is so-and-so.

- Since I will not be drafting a TE early and instead will wait til at least 8 are gone, this is the guy I will be targeting late ____.

- I really think this year's Alfred Morris could be ________.

- In the very very late rounds, my top sleepers are __________.

Stuff like that would be awesome. Can Dodds or Joe or some staff member let us know if that would be possible? Thanks!!

Any idea when the perfect auction will be posted? Was hoping it would be up for my draft tonight...

Where is the thread Dodds started about release dates?

Yes, I know Perfect Series is up. But I was curious bc of other articles (ie, From the Gut, Eliminate the Suck, etc).



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