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Where to watch the game online (1 Viewer)

I was looking for this too.

Last week somebody posted a link to... I think channelsurfing.net. Haven't searched there yet. Never have, not sure how to find it or look for it.

Last Thursday's link took me directly to it.

Hmmm.... I'm watching the live TV broadcast right now. I went to stoogetv and watched the scrolling message board. Eventually someone posts a link that you can follow which will be the live broadcast. Sorry if this post is too late for you to see the game.

Does Nfl.com not work for you?

I have crappy brighthouse too but nfl.com live stream works great right now.

I am not complaining about chanelsurfing.net AT ALL but how is it legal for them to stream this game?
I'm thinking the NFL don't care because they don't charge viewers, they just sell commercials. The cable companies are the ones getting the short end of the stick not sure how that works legally. Some show it to their customers for free, some charge their customers. So it's not consistent.
Just an FYI for anyone with interest.

I found out a great way to watch these NFLN games. I use channelsurfing on my laptop with wireless. Plug the laptop into my 42" TV with a RGB, DVI or HDMI cable. Voila, I'm watching the game on a large screen.


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