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Where's the love for Bo Scaife? (1 Viewer)


The guy has very quietly put up some nice #'s this year. On top of that, he's not simply compiling as he's had 3 pretty studly games, esp. for PPR. This, and he's only in his 4th year and his #'s have gone up every year since he entered the league.

He's an ideal backup, IMO, and has looked good on the field. I see no reason he can't keep this up.

I agree. He's helped me out in a couple of leagues on the cheap. He's more desirable than Crumpler. Not to mention that the Titan wr's are somewhat less than stellar.

I agree. Acquired him in dynasty along with a 1st rounder for a aging RB. He's filled my gaping hole at TE, and I think he can keep this up for a long time. Titans love using the TE, and he's been productive with Collins & Young.

stuck him in last week for witten and was elated, Collins 1st option in the passing game, but i think he is match up dependent, play against good Run Ds

the love comes and goes. its here now but mysteriously disapears when #10 takes the snaps.
Maybe, but that seems a ways off. Not even next year is guaranteed if Collins takes this team deep into the playoffs.
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