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Which 2 - TY Hilton, B Cooks, Gallady (1 Viewer)


Well, a pleasant problem to have.  Non-PPR league.  Hearing lots of stuff about how Golladay is hot and stuff yet Cooks and Hilton are/were my primary guys and both are going well.


Hilton is averaging 11 targets per week, Galladay 10.5, Cooks 8.5.  Scoring Galladay is averaging 13.5, Cooks 12.6, Hilton 12.5.

Cooks neutral matchup.  Chargers

Hilton Good matchup.  Philly

Golladay Good Matchup: NE

Red zone targets:

Hilton: 4

Cooks: 3

Golladay: 1

Hilton and Cooks unless Jones is out, then Hilton and Golladay

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Cooks and Hilton for me too. Cooks has been on fire to start the year, if Goff hadn't missed him on a couple deep balls, we may be talking about him the same way as Tyreek Hill.

OK.  Sticking with Hilton and Cooks.  I'm finding it hard to believe the "rate my team" after my draft said I was weak at WR.  Behind them is Golladay, J Brown and Lockett.


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