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Which high upside players you are targeting each draft? (1 Viewer)


Curious which player(s) you are targeting each draft and in which round after the big names are off the board in round 4-5. Not looking for obvious stars. I like getting opinions here and sharing some of my own to help me prepare for draft night. Here are some of the players I am targeting that I feel have a good chance to have big seasons and a good chance to outperform their ADP.

PPR league, 12 teams, redraft.

My targets by position:

QB: Vick 10th rd, Bradford 12th, Weeden 16th

RB: Powell 16th, Lacy 5th, Bernard 6th, RIchardson 8th, D Williams 10th

WR: Tate 10th, Givens 9th, Floyd 12th, V Brown 12th, K Thompkins 10th, Broyles 13th, Sanu 16th

TE: Finley 8th, Cameron 10th, Sudfield 11th, Eifert 13th,

Who you got?
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