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WHICH MIKE.... (1 Viewer)

Which 1 will get the axe 1st and when ?


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I wish it were Mike Tice, aka "Big Dumb", though my vote is for Sherman after the Packers blow donkeys in 2005. Maybe if the Vikings underwhelm enough this year though, we can land ourselves a feature back in the '06 draft....... ;-):vikingshomer: :bag:

Sherman for sure. ( or is that wishful thinking? ) Would Coughlin or Tuna run a freekin' Club Med training camp and have half the team cramping up IN A DOME??!! Would Belichek put up with Amad Carroll's 5 STINKING PENALTIES??!! Would Cower ignore the running game when it was obvious Favre was under constant pressure??!! My God, this guy will bring the storied Pack down for some time! And why won't he talk to Favre except through the QB coach what the heck is up with that!!!!1

Mike Tice...I am probably one of the more optimistic Viking fans around and yet the issues they are going to have with their offensive line are going to implode the offense. The snowball is already bigger than most people believe and it is only going to gain momentum.

I didn't think this one would be close, and I was right.Pencil boy should get whacked by morning after two performances like that.

Mike Tice, at the end of the season, possibly replaced by Scott Linehan.Mike Shanahan shouldn't be on this poll. Nobody believes it, but he's got more job security than any coach in the NFL right now outside of Cowher, Reid, and Bellichick.

I didn't think this one would be close, and I was right.

Pencil boy should get whacked by morning after two performances like that.
Can I please change my vote to Mike Sherman?
Tice has already recieved the dreaded "vote of confidence" from his owner. Once the owner starts answering those questions the axe is already on the way down. When does Min have their bye? That's where I'd put my money.Sherman could be a close second although I think the Packers will let Favre and Sherman leave together at the end of the season.


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