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Who are you playing Chad Henne over against denver today (1 Viewer)


chad should put up alot of numbers against the denver team as everyone has.just wondering who you are actually benching for henne.There alot of qbs that are going to put up stinkers today

Matt Ryan's bye week, so I'm starting Henne over such waiver wire gems as Nick Foles, Mike Glennon and (the only one who I really considered starting) Terrelle Pryor. Really don't like Pryor against the Chiefs.

Terrelle Pryor... mainly because in this league TD's are 6 pts and there are bonus points at 300+ yards.

I own Vick/Ryan so Henne is my only option. I'm comfy with it.

Could've added Cassel, Weeden, or some other scrub instead but Henne has produced in the past and Shorts/Blackmon are too good to get shut out.


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