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Who will be the Kevin Ogletree of Week 1? (1 Viewer)


Who do you think will be the waiver wire WR that goes off in week one, everyone goes nuts to grab him off waivers, and then is cut a few weeks later?

I don't actually have any clue who Jarrett Boykin is.

Which makes him as good a guess for me as Kevin Ogletree would have been last year, since I didn't know who he was either.

Riley Cooper, will get 2 touchdowns. One in the red zone, and one on a short pass that he takes to the house. Redskins secondary is bad, and they'll be gassed from Philly's hurry-up offense.

My second guess, Ashlon Jefferey.
Let's hope so, since ... ummm ... I'm starting him Week 1. In a 12-team league. :scared: Yeah, I might have waited just a wee bit too long on the WR's there.

I'm going with Leonard Hankerson. I expect him to have virtually no fantasy value for the year as a whole, but week 1 against the Eagles' secondary has 7/120/2 written all over it.

Edited: to note I can't believe I'm not even the first guy in this thread to mention Hankerson's name. :doh:

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Armanti Edwards.

Why? Because I was a deep league last year (16 teams 53 man roster, most points auto start) and no one rostered Ogletree. This year I'm in a league almost as deep and no one is rostering Edwards.

Edit to add: Edwards does remind me of Olgetree. A player that the team has been raving about in camp but so far has never shown up on game day.

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Who's going to have the worst passing defense this year? Oakland and Jacksonville, maybe? Oakland plays at Indianapolis, Jacksonville hosts Kansas City. Most leagues drafted Darrius Heyward-Bey and T.Y. Hilton of Indianapolis, but KC's Donnie Avery probably went undrafted. So my totally unscientific prediction is Donnie Avery.

I think if you were dead set on finding it, the Houston /SD game may not be a bad place to look.

I think there's a real chance that becomes a lop-sided affair, with SD forced to go pass heavy, and a veteran QB who is smart enough to make decent reads. Against a lot of dimes and prevents, the third or fourth wideout might get a lot of space against relatively bad DB's, and with Floyd and Royal potentially on ice, that could be a guy pretty far down the regular depth chart.

Keenan Allen, maybe?

Since nobody has mentioned him Im gonna take a stab at a Gordon-less Cleveland wr Greg Little. Should be the teams number 1 WR while Gordon is out. What ha does with it who knows.

Kenny Stills, NO.
I second (or third) this, but the mere fact that we can see it coming..

Kenny Stills, NO.
That's actually a pretty good guess because he looks like Devery Henderson to me. That guy was the ultimate first week teaser way before Ogletree.
On board with this. He'd actually not be a bad hold in larger leagues either. If Colston, Moore, or Graham go down, he'd have some value.

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I'm going with James Hanna... I think with the 2 TE set they will run and with Escobar running as the 3rd TE right now I think Hanna surprises when Austin drops out in the 2nd qtr with a hamstring injury again :-)


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