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Who would have thought (1 Viewer)

Tar Heel Boy

Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought there was a possibility of starting 3 Texans in a game. It's not because of them being a high scoring offense, rather it's what other options I have available.

Schaub over Romo - This is one I'm still pondering, but as much of a beating Romo took in the Giants game I'm kinda liking Schaub's matchup against the Raiders.

Daniels over Zach Miller - I think this one is six in one hand/half a dozen in the other. If Miller is healthy I might go with him.

Kris Brown over Prater - Again, it's flip a coin.

What a crazy year in fantasy football.

I've been starting Slaton and A. Johnson all year and they helped me get to the championship game this week!!!


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