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Why do so many embrace the "other" QB prospect? (1 Viewer)

Lienart: least likely to bust, but: I just don't like west coast guys.... Losman is a surfer dude type too. Rumblings about firing his agent for the explicit reason of getting  set up with a big time Hollywood promotional talent agency..... red flag. Smart, ran an NFL offense, but is a pure pocket passer with limited mobility and arm strength that might be lacking for a NE NFL team. Talked about being the next Joe Namath, star on and off the field. I'll pass.
Not sure it has been proven that Chow's system is indeed an NFL offense. If we judge on current performance of said system we would have to give the same prestige to Spurrier's system that most people will say bombed.
:confused: Steve Young, Jim McMahon and Carson Palmer aren't proof enough? :confused:
Don't forget Philip Rivers.
I was just referring to NFL QBs that have already excelled and were products of Chow's system. Rivers is certainly part of that pack too, but we don't know if he's going to be a successful NFL QB yet. Ty Detmer was the most successful protege of Chow's system in college, but his subpar arm strength doomed him in the NFL.

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