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in the SB and am debating between keeping J Stewart in against NYG or playing Parker against Tenn....i am leaning towards stewart still after manning and wayne last night had good games for me...anyway anyone playing parker this week in the title game?

Just can't play him, unless you get a pretty good performance bonus for 100+ yds. I could see him hitting that mark, but his chance for a TD are very small. Everytime they get in shortyardage, in comes Russel. Everytime they get in the redzone, in comes Moore. What boggles me is that these guys have been complete, unmitigated disasters at those roles recently. I really believe Tomlin just doesn't have any respect or trust in FWP's abilities. Is he right? maybe. I still think they guy has got tremendous jets, about average vision, good balance, and great heart and want-to. /shrug.

I'd not play him, but not because I don't think he'd be capable of a 150 yds and 2 TD's. Because there's absolutely no chance Tomlin gives him that chance.

I pretty much have to play Parker as my #2.....my only other options would be a hurt Barber against the Ravens or J Lewis whose been horrible lately but has a great match-up.

well he would be my 2 also with my number 1 being chris johnson which even that worries me but my 2 is what i am debating between stewart/parker

Pittsburgh Steelers vs Tennessee Titans

Steelers: The Steelers playing at 1pm? No way! With the AFC's number one seed on the line, the Steelers head to Nashville. They received good news earlier in the week when they discovered that both Kyle Vanden Bosch and Albert Haynesworth would be out for this game. When Haynesworth isn't on that line, the Tennessee run defense is drastically different. I can see this being a big game for Willie Parker and the running game. The Steeler defense is a good play as well. The Titans rely on the run to setup the pass and I don't see Smash and Dash doing very much in this one. I do see a lot of Kerry Collins sacks and INTs though.

Titans: See above

Fantasy Factors: Willie Parker (8), Chris Johnson (6)


The Titan's announced that both Albert Haynesworth AND Kyle Vanden Bosch will not be playing in Sunday's game.

How big of a deal is this, you may ask? (All Stats are from the Titans last three seasons.)W/L Record

With Albert Haynesworth: 28-10

Without: 2-6

Rush Defense

With AH: 103 ypg

without: 141 ypg

Points Allowed

With AH: 17

Without: 27

Ouch. Couple that with the absence of run-stuffing DE KVB and you can actually here the Steelers O-Line breath a sigh of relief. Although it is a rare occurrence, Big Ben's QB rating is over 90 when taking two or less sacks in a game.

More importantly, Willie Parker and Mewelde Moore could actually find some running lanes this Sunday, giving the Steelers a rarely seen two-dimensional offense and also taking additional pressure off the very sore and bruised Roethlisberger.


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