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With Cobb and James Jones possibly out. (1 Viewer)


Is there a play here?

Jarrett Boykin

Kevin Dorsey

I know next to nothing about these guys. So lets discuss - could there we a waiver wire steal here if Cobb or Jones miss extended time?

The Packers are also looking to sign away Broncos practice squad WR Tavarres King. A recent 5th rounder out of Georgia, he showed promise in training camp and in preseason, but due to their deep WR corps, the Broncos cut him and put him on their practice squad. He's a longshot, but with Rodgers throwing to him, he might be relevant.

Hello FInley

Haden will be busy with Nelson while Finley runs wild....

Or he could just pull up lame the 2nd play of the game.

I can't bench Cameron at this point for Finley. Granted he's gone 6.6 and 11.4 since Weeden returned but he also put up 27.8 week 1 with him. Finley needs to show me something first.

Boykin can't catch a football. I am a Packer fan and he is pretty low on my list of priorities.
all his scouting reports indicates he has great hands. are you saying that because of his dropsies in the last game or over a career?
I am saying that I have seen him play in the preseason and last weeks game didn't change the opinion I already had of him.
I haven't looked at his plays in the preseason but he must have played well enough for the Packers to only carry 4 WR's. You would think a team that passes as much as the Packers would have to have faith in their #4 WR.

Even if they signed King, he would need time to learn the playbook. You would think someone from their own practice squad would have a higher likelihood of impact... or even the team bringing back Ross.


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