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With Flowers out, how much doesn that change your opionion on Giants p (1 Viewer)

Judge Smails

I predicted a huge blowout today. Usually takes teams a few games to right the ship after an initial slaughter (like Niners against Seattle, then get dominated against Colts the next week) and Giants were blown out last week vs. Carolina. They were ripe for a 30-3 type game at KC. Front 7 dominating, etc. With Flowers out, how much do you uptick the passing game with Manning, Cruz, Nicks? Any? If Eli has no time to pass it won't matter, but receivers do figure to have more room. I was benching them all, now wondering.

I think Flowers being out helps a great deal. Berry is still a player, but I think it leaves the door open for at least one of Cruz and Nicks to have a nice day. Couple that with Nicks complaining and the whole squeaky wheel gets the grease thing, and I could see him having a decent day. It depends on your options obviously, but I don't think they're auto-benches with Flowers out.

Doesn't change much,Carolina had guys off the PS and the street in the secondary. A bigger change,2 more starting O-linemen out for The G-Men. Gonna be a long day again for Eli,maybe some garbage points late.


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