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Wootton/McClellin (1 Viewer)


Can anyone shed any light on the Corey Wootton/Shea McClellin situation? Wootton was widely being touted as a high potential DE, yet only recorded two tackles against McClellin's four (plus a sack). Is McClellin the one to own?

What are their ceiling's and who is the dynasty player to own from the Chicago defensive line?

As of right now. McClellin is questionable for this weekend. Prior to that he has been considered a borderline bust. His 3 sack game against the Packers was by far his best game. But, came at a price.

I've been watching Wootton, but he's not done a whole lot to impress me. Rumors are that Peppers may not be back next year. One or both of these guys need to show something more before the end of the season or the Bears are going to look for two new DE's in the off season.

what happens next yr when Peppers is released
They have a serious DL issue.

Best case scenario: Shea adds some weight and develops. Bears re-sign Wooten and Melton. Bass develops and they draft a DE and DT high.

Worst case scenario: Shea is a bust. Bass gets released. Wooten and Melton go elsewhere. They won't let Peppers go in this scenario.

Who knows. But with approx. 2/3 of their roster out of contract next year, and no real depth at DL ... It will be interesting.


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