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WR Week 17 (1 Viewer)

Need to figure out what to do at WR2 this week. Have Robby Anderson and Adam Thielen. Gut is telling me to go with Anderson, but instinct says to stay with Thielen as I have all season. 1 point per 10 receiving yards, 5 points for 5 receptions/100 yards receiving, 6 per TD. Any suggestions?

Who the hell is your #1, Jesus wearing stickum?  Thielen has been struggling but is still #6 overall against a weakened Chi Def, and the Vikes need to win.  Robby has been hot, but has nothing to play for and last time against NE he scored 4.2 points.

#1 is Davante Adams. Honestly Anderson was dropped earlier this year and has bern a FA until I picked him up this week in an IR move. My RB2 has been the part of my lineup that suffered.

i would stick with derontay adams take that to the bank brochacho

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