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Al O'Pecia

A Washington man was arrested for animal cruelty after a woman claimed that he sexually assaulted a beaver in a park on Monday night.

Whitney Nycole explained on Facebookthat she had stumbled upon the beaver while driving through Columbia Park, in Kennewick. 

'I flipped him over so he would walk but his leg is broken,' Nycole explained on Facebook. 'I got him on to a towel that I had in my car and dragged him on it til I got him closer to the pond and out of the way of traffic.' 

Nycole rushed home to find a box so that she could take the animal to a local veterinarian, Kenniwick Sergeant Aaron Clem explained to the Tri-City Herald.

When the woman returned, she found a man lying next to the beaver and believed that he was helping the critter. 

But soon to her horror, Nycole realized that the man was partially clothed with his pants unzipped.

By the time police arrived on the scene, the beaver was already dead. It is unknown if it was still alive at the time of the abuse. 

Nycole also confirmed that the beaver had died.

Richard Delp, 35, was arrested at the scene and charged with animal cruelty. 

The man was also in possession of methamphetamine at the scene and was charged with possession. 



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