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WWYD..what would you do? (1 Viewer)


So this year's championship game comes down to me and my younger bro.

This is our 5th year and so far no one has won it 2x's.

I've won 2 years ago.

Anyways, so my brother txt's me last night asking if we should just split 1st and 2nd (combine both payouts and just split 50-50) and I asked him why?

He said that since I been paying his entry fee for him every year (except this year..he finally paid for himself) he feels that he wanna be nice and just split 50-50 with me (again he does have a better team IMO).

I'm thinking about it but at the sametime I don't want to cause if I win, I will be the first in our league to win the title more than once.

Would you take his offer on 50/50 split or wanna win it and be the first to win 2x's?

Sorry NOT a bragging thread!

Just agree to split the PRIZE money.........but still play the matchup for bragging rights and records.

Used to common private arrangements for golf and tennis pros back in the 1960s. If you got into a playoff for the former or made the finals for the latter, both guys would often agree to split the pot.

Palmer offered that to Nicklaus back in 1962 at Oakmont. Arnie was the King, fat Jack was a rookie. The Golden Bear said no thanks.

Somewhere along the line both sports outlawed the practice.

Don't split it. But, make him pay you back the league fees for the last 5 years if he wins :hophead:

You can split the $ but still play for the title - one doesn't have to do with the other. I'm doing this very thing in one of the SB's I'm in.

Like everyone said, splitting the money is different than splitting the title. If you win you're still the 2 X champion.

That being said, something's not totally right here. If your brother wanted to be "nice" he'd say that if he wins he'll split the pot with you since you've paid for his entry fee for years. But if you win you should keep the money to yourself. What's so nice about splitting the entry fee if he loses?

I can see this being a nice gesture on his end to repay you for all the league fees you spotted him if he wins it all. But doesn't he come up twice if you split it and you end up winning the championship game?

I say if he wins it he can give you your money back, but if you win it you keep it.

If there is money for 2nd place and your brother comes in 2nd, he could still pay you back with that money. It sounds like he isn't feeling secure in beating you, so he wants to make a deal, and is using the league fees as bait. Even if he does have a better team than you, any good fantasy team can win. I wouldn't split the money, but if you do, the winner of the matchup would still get their name on the trophy I would assume.


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