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I have kids, but not boys so I wasn't sure how to answer this question for a friend of mine.  

Friend's son is 12 years old and plays hockey.  From what he tells me the kid is pretty good.  Last night in practice they are running a drill and the kid blows by the coach with a great move.  Coach apparently was pissed about it and slashes the kid as he goes by (two hander on the arm).  Kid now has bruising and pain in his arm and can't make a fist.  Friend hasn't taken him for an x-ray yet, so injury for now is just a bruise.

Coach is President of the Hockey Association.  

How would you handle this situation if it was your son?  


Beef Ravioli

Dad is working on this, but let's assume it happened the way in the OP.  
What doesn’t kill you....

Seriously, I would get him x-rayed and have a talk with the league officials. Probably a reaction from the coach rather than an on purpose or vindictive choice, but there should be some type of consequence.

Again, this is assuming that the boys version is what really happened. 


Bull Dozier

If once the coach is aware the injury was serious enough to take him for x-rays, and is not immediately apologetic, something is wrong with the coach. 

If I was the dad, I would get the kid looked at, then talk to the coach. If gague his response on where to go from there. 


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