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Your league's rules to get "best" teams in the playoffs (1 Viewer)

I'm having a hard time with the whole concept of this thread. if you can really figure out a system that will get the 'best 6 teams' into the playoffs, why not just forego a playoff and and determine the best team through 16 weeks? There's your winner.
I think you don't see many leagues like this because of concerns that too many teams would lose interest too early. But I'm not sure that's a great reason. Surely we can put some smaller in-season rewards in that would keep everyone interested, even though only two or three teams are legitimate contenders after week 10. Overall, very :goodposting: . I'm on the side trying to minimize luck, but this is the best counter argument I've seen. (Others have made similar points recently in this thread, but this version is my favorite.)

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