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Your pre-draft rookie QB rankings (1 Viewer)


What are yours? Here are mine.

1. Geno Smith, West Virginia

2. E.J. Manuel, Florida St.

3. Matt Barkley, USC

4. Tyler Wilson, Arkansas

5. Ryan Nassib, Syracuse

6. Landry Jones, Oklahoma

7. Matt Scott, Arizona

8. Tyler Bray, Tennessee

9. Mike Glennon, North Carolina St.

10. Zac Dysert, Miami (OH)

11. Sean Renfree, Duke

12. Brad Sorensen, Southern Utah

13. Collin Klein, Kansas St.

14. Jordan Rodgers, Vanderbilt

15. Alex Carder, Western Michigan

I'm probably not drafting a qb in any leagues this year. One of the worst qb classes in a decade. I'll stick to backs and receivers and maybe Eifert at the right spot but I like your rankings except for Barkley. Bust written all over him.

I think Geno will be a solid starter. I think Nassib could develop into something better than a solid starter. Have not seen enough of Scott. Really do not like Barkley, Glennon, Jones and Manuel. I do not like Barkley's arm or decison making. Glennon is a statue with poor pocket presence and the games I watched threw some awful picks. Of all the guys you hear mentioned at the top about ten of this weak QB class I think Glennon and Landry Jones are the worst and will be just awful.

Yeah its very likely that only Smith and Manuel will be the only viable starters in this entire class. I don't like Barkley's physical tools but mentally he seems to get it - kind of like Andy Dalton IMO. If I couldn't get the top 2 I would pull the trigger on Matt Scott in round 3 or 4 just to see what he can become. Nassib seems very overrated and Glennon is almost certainly a bust.


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