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Zac Stacy.....What should we expect, and when? (1 Viewer)


Things have been quiet on the Stacy front for a few weeks now. He got his little 4 yard debut carry, and haven't seen or heard from him since. Was a healthy inactive last week, but I still like to think he'll get his shot at some point this season. Pead has been next to invisible so far despite getting just about the same snaps as Richardson last week (maybe just working him in slowly on his first game), and Richardson hasn't blown anybody away. Now I'm not saying Stacy will get a chance to start, but maybe could institute that RBBC they were talking about in the preseason. I know Stacy still has to jump over Cunningham apparently on the depth chart, but if the overall quality of the backfield stays at this level, they might as well get him in there on a few carries. Also have to take into consideration it seems like the Rams are heading toward a more heavy passing attack, to which Bradford is adjusting very well to early on.

I know it's still very early in the season, and we've all seen the tape and the skills and qualities he brings, but what do you guys expect of Stacy both this year and in the future?

Do you guys think it's crazy to expect him to be in at least like a 40/60 split with Richardson by next year? I kinda feel like that's where this backfield is going. Stacy & Richardson make a pretty good thunder/lightning combo IMO. Good enough considering this will be a pass first team.

I think Benny Cunningham dressed week 2 over Stacy due to special teams. Stacy didn't play special teams at all in W1 when he dressed due to Pead being out. I would still bet on Stacy being RB3. That said, Cunningham got some starter reps this week with DRich shelved, so who knows. Just trying to understand why Stacy was RB2 W1 but sat W2, and that's the most obvious answer.

As long as DRich and Pead look bad, there's still an opportunity for someone to come in and look better. I would agree that none of the 4 look that inspiring, but I don't think Pead, Stacy, or Cunningham have to be pro bowl players to step in and have value and hype going into next year. Plenty of not great RB have stepped in and provided stability where there was none, and kept the job for a couple years.

Most likely answer is a new starter in 2014, but the door's still open.


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