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Shuke,You are really doing a great job on LinkedIN.Solid!!-hack

Wait, you can do things on LinkedIn? Like what?
Hack posts all kinds of stuff. I got to "meet" a customer rep who was able to obtain 92% of all caller emails!
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I think I'm going to buy a T-shirt gun. I would just walk down the streets, and people would come out of their homes jumping and screaming, and I'd shoot T-shirts at the lucky ones.

I'm picturing "I got shot by shuke's t-shirt gun" on the snorged girl.
Hopefully we can get dkeato to do the design.
Hopefully we can get dkeato to be the t-shirt model. That snorged chick has really fallen off. Actually, maybe we could get her to design the t-shirt.win-win
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How unpredictable does your life have to be to leave the store with only one roll of paper towels?

saw a middle aged fella on a mountain bike yesterday holding a single roll of toilet paper thoughts?
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I have mastered soap fusion.

New "notch technique" might shake up the world of soap fusion.

First of all, this is really nothing new. As I've stated, you should be using the area of the new bar with the engraved name/logo for applying the old bar. I guess this notch technique works if you're too poor to buy soap with logos in it.

Secondly, why does that soap look like delicious pop-tarts?

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