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I was a deadhead that never was I thnk. Born a bit too late, jerry died when I was a junior in high school. Not sure if I mentioned but I was offered a ticket on the 94 tour. And I turned it down. F

I'm not the biggest dead guy and I live outside NYC. But I'll be damned if I didn't just get in the car and start driving west last night. I'm in Indiana now. I guess this is happening.

Yesterday was the 30th anniversary of my first show. Seems like yesterday.  

2 hours ago, the moops said:

Love Brent, but his voice was always on the brink of being shot

His ridiculous vocals and his far out looks at jerry with his eyes all bugged out along with the 80s synth sounds make Brent my favorite.

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4 hours ago, shuke said:

Was the opener of my first show, just a few months earlier on this tour.

Also the opener of one of my favorite shows. Cal State Dominguez Hills 5-5-90. Hotter than hell that day and trippin out on all the horses with cops attached to their backs. Such a great opening tune.

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