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*** OFFICIAL *** FFA WAGERING THREAD - Merry Christmas!!!

The Ref

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3 hours ago, derek245583 said:

Cash in hand is literally the only pro.

I made the statement to some folks at work and they laugh in my face everytime we talk about it. 97% of what I can do in Vegas I can do in my house....Vegas trip isnt worth it at all to me.

I can gamble on sports without limit (for me) and with 5 times as many lines. I live in Cincinnati, so I have access to table games, slots, poker rooms if I want it. There are strip clubs, liquor stores, and I have multiple TV setups available to me. Only thing I can think of is hookers and the blue man group....

you can hang out with a dozen of your old iFriends in your house? On my way!

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3 hours ago, Tiger Fan said:

while this is all true....it's just about the experience.  And I always just go bigger (limit wise) in Vegas because, well...it's Vegas.

Me too, I call them "Vegas Units" vs. online units. I feel like I'm signing my life away betting in Vegas, but it has that je ne sais quoi about grabbing the lines sheet, checking the moves, betting in cash, and BS'ing with the people in the book over beers that rules. Fun when square bets cover and complete strangers are high fiving each other and the line to cash grows once a game is graded. It's costing you money in the short term vs online, but every once in awhile it's an awesome experience to take in.

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Last week Navy was held to the fewest points they'd scored in a game since Oct 12, 2013. And all the "bad" news is about their QB who has never started a game. But this is the team they kick the #### out of every season. I think I'm going to buy on the bad news and take them 1H. They've hit this number in 9 of their 12 games and 8 of their 9 wins.

Navy 1st Half Over 13½ -115

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2 minutes ago, WilliamBonney said:

Missed that one!!! Is there a way you can get texts every time some one replies?

Indirectly ,yes.  Follow the topic. Have your notifications go to a Gmail account.  Setup filters based on usernames to forward those emails to your carrier's text email address.

Tiger Fan had a nice procedure posted in the old thread.

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5 minutes ago, The Busy, The Tired said:

Yeah, but they're only good for that day! I had a fistful of tickets and thought I was hood rich.


Turns out, the next day they use a different color ticket. :wall:

Dude.... f the drink tickets.   I got a pile of them here and I'm giving them away.   The limits.... wow! 

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17 minutes ago, The Busy, The Tired said:

Q1 - Blazers / Pacers u57, -110


Blazers are a suspect road team. Pacers coming from West Coast to home on a B2B. Everything needs to go perfect for them to etch out nearly 60 points out the gate.

DOA.  Blazers are too effing good. :)  :censored:

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