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Week 10 Questions For Bloom

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Sup sig, 

Match up even. 

1)Start two WR and One Flex in .5ppr league:  M Ingram,  Tre Smith, MVS, AROB..


2) Drop Odd man out for L.Jackson? I'm 8-1 with  Fitzmagic at QB and Sanders/Smoky on bye. (QBs like Dalton/bortles/Dak on waivers)


3)Which Defense has the best playoff schedule:  Denver, Tenn, Indy



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Hey Bloom - Desperate for some wins...

Standard League - Need 1 WR, 1 RB and 1 Flex - Nick Chubb / A Peterson / Tevin Coleman and A Jeffrey / L Fitzgerald /  MVS

0.5 PPR - Need 2 WR  - MVS / Kenny Golladay / Allen Robinson

                 - Need 1 TE - Jordan Reed / Jack Doyle


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Morning Sig,

1 PPR - Need some upside here as I am playing the top team. I need 4, but 2 WR, out of Calvin, Fitz, C Davis, Baldwin,  Aaron Jones, Drake, and Kerryon.

.5 PPR - Need 2 of this group and my opponent has Rogers.  MVS (I also have Devante starting), Jordan Howard, and Brieda.

.5 - C Davis or Lockett?  Flex - Dion Lewis,  Eckler or Davis or Lockett from the last question?  Doyle or Reed?  Mike Davis and McGuire are on waivers - is either worth a pickup but I would need to drop one of my TE.  I am planning on moving on from Reed soon since Doyle is back and he should have more upside.


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23 hours ago, steelwind said:

12 team standard league


Goff vs Sea (wont talk you out of ryan)

Ryan @ Clev

Which Def?

Colts vs Jax

49ers vs NYG (wont talk you out of colts)

NO @ Cinn

I currently have the Colts in there but Fournette is coming back this week.



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23 hours ago, flexyplay said:

Good morning and good luck to you! TIA!

1. Need a TE for week 11 with Gronk and Herndon on bye PPR


Heuerman @ LAC

Swaim @ ATL


Vannett vs GB

Jordan Thomas @ WAS

MAndrews vs CIN

Everett vs KC


2. ROS PPR- please rank

RFreeman 1

Ware 2

Mcguire 5

Riddick 7

JAdams 6

Penny 3

Malcolm Brown 4

good morning! good luck!

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23 hours ago, 4th&inches said:

thank you as always for doing this. 

Looking to acquire a WR upgrade with AJ Green out. I think I can get either Amari Cooper or Marques Valdes-Scantling for Dalton + T. Smith (other manager has Cousins on bye and there's no FA QB's)

This is a 3yr keeper league (details below) & Cooper can NOT be kept, while MVS could be able to (although not sure he'd be one of my keepers, so this is just for the ROS). 

Which WR would you rather have? Cooper

Edit: With the news of Dez possibly tearing his ACL, would you still trade T. Smith + Dalton for Cooper/ MVS? 

yes in a win now push


League details: 12-team, .5 PPR, Passing TD's = 4pts, 3yr Keeper league (QRRWWTFKD)

My roster (Starters in Bold)

  • QB: Watson, Fitzmagic,  Dalton
  • RB: Gurley, Kamara, Lindsay, Chubb, I. Smith
  • WR: AJ Green (out), TY Hilton, J. Gordon, T. Smith, Ty Williams
  • TE: Gronk (assuming he's playing), Engram
  • K: Zuerlein
  • DST: MIN


Question 2: per your answer for question 1, WDIS at WR (need 2 from the list above/ trade target) hilton gordon

Question 3: Would you drop any of the above for L. Jackson (with the recent news on Flacco's hip)? tywill



Thanks in advance


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23 hours ago, Trohitreddy said:

Sig full ppr

pick 2 wr 1 rb and a flex

wrs: tyreek/hilton/edelman/ trquan smith

rb: drake/ fournette/ chubb

also keep trequan or  pickup josh Adams or spencer ware or lamar jackson.have fitz and ben rothlisberger on my squad.



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Std scoring,  start 3 WR,  5 on roster,  2 on bye

Have Watkins, might need to pick up someone if he’s IA

Choose 1 to pickup: Enunwa, M. Harris, Doctson, C Davis, Godwin, A Robinson, A Miller, Conley

Choose 1 to drop: Watkins, Sutton,

Thinking A Rob, (not limited at practice this week, Det secondary shorthanded, also playing against Trubisky this week) OR C. Davis, both good choices for ROS.

Thanks for your help, appreciate what you do AND the way you do it.

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Looking to pick up L. Jackson in 4 leagues, need advice on one to drop (or stand pat)

1 (PPR, 1/2/2/1/+ 1 flex): Dalton or Mayfield, Njoku or Doyle, RB (M. Gordon, Ekeler, Chubb, Cohen, Lindsay) WR (Hopkins, Hill, Sanders, Hilton, Gordon)

2 (std, 1/2/2/1/+ 1 flex): Luck (have Mahomes), RB (Barkley, Chubb, Cohen, Fournette, Ingram), WR (Adams, Gordon, Sanders, Sutton)

3 (std, 1/2/2/1/+ 1 flex): Luck (have Mahomes), RB (Kamara, Chubb, Cohen, Collins), WR (Adams, Hill, Boyd, John Brown, Sutton)

4 (std, 1/2/3/1/no flex): Goff (only QB), RB (Chubb, Ingram, Carson, Michel), WR (Sutton or Sanders, others starting today), TE (Graham, Gronk)

Thanks for your help.

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11 hours ago, Sigmund Bloom said:


Thanks Bloom. 

To answer your pseudo question; I am in a "Win Now" push, but am always looking to solidify the future in the process (Currently in 1st at 7-2). That being said, do you still like Cooper over MVS?

Thanks again



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On 11/9/2018 at 9:36 AM, MissionCoach said:

Good Morning Bloom, thanks in advance for all your help!

12 team leagues, 1 PPR, standard scoring.

League 1 - Pick 3 WR's and 1 Flex

Baldwin @ LAR;  Boyd vs NO;  Bourne vs NYG;  Harris @ TB;  Gabriel vs Det;  Humphries vs Wash;  Ware vs Ari

League 2 - Pick 3 WR's and 1 Flex

MVS vs Mia;  Landry vs Atl;  Humphries vs Wash;  Boys vs NO;  T. Smith @ Cin;  Ekelar @ Oak

League 3 - Pick 3 WR's and 1 Flex

Humphries vs Wash;  MVS vs Mia;  Golladay @ Chi;  Cobb vs Mia;  Gabriel vs Det;  T.Smith @ Cin;  Ware vs Ari

Thank you for all your hard work, all 3 teams are in the running!




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On 11/9/2018 at 10:03 AM, Eghoon said:

ROS PPR (focus is on needing wins now)

Kerryon or Ingram 

Keenan Allen or Josh Gordon 

Also, I have Brady & Fitz, do I drop Mcguire for Lamar and carry 3 QB? 1 QB league, 4 pt TD

Thanks Sig

i would grab lamar yes

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On 11/9/2018 at 10:05 AM, mega_rob said:

Need 1 in PPR - Michel (if he plays), S. Ware, T. Smith, Ty Williams, C. Kirk, J. Ross or M. Harris?

Better bench stash behind Chubb, Cook, Michel, Duke, and D. Lewis? PPR

S. Ware, M. Brown, R. Freeman, J. Adams, E. McGuire

Or grab L. Jackson with Flacco's hip injury? I have Mahomes, but blocking is a worth it plus could play him for Mahomes' bye week vs OAK. 


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On 11/9/2018 at 10:05 AM, Jsmiff said:


I’m way overmatched this week, need a boom. Let me give u the scenario in full ppr:


*flexing Richard, - main value to me as injury insurance for next week at rb. 

* own tre’quan


1) Drop trequan for Robby Anderson & play Robbie over Richard? Need the boom, but don’t like the 1 week rental as after bye Darnold prolly back

2) OR pick up your boy Coutee (available Sunday off waivers) for Quan & keep starting Richard?

3) there is also the option of dropping Richard/Quan for Coutee/Anderson and hope marlon Mack doesn’t get hurt this weekend. 

Amen. In sig I trust 

i would drop richard for coutee, good luck

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On 11/9/2018 at 10:34 AM, BamaAir said:


QB start 1 - Ryan at cle, Brees at cin or FITZmagic vs Was

WR start 1 - Ridley at cle or A.Cooper at phl

RB start 1- 4nett at ind or Chubb vs atl

TE start 1 - Uzomah vs no, Njoku vs atl , Cook vs LAC or Doyle vs jax

* better bench stash ROS- Kerryon, Drake, MVS , Mike Davis or Alex Collins 



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On 11/9/2018 at 10:35 AM, dkp993 said:

Hi Bloom,

Superflex PPR.  Please pick 1 QB and the Superflex



Kittle (Kelce is my TE)

Normally this isn’t even a thought as QB’s win out but the last few weeks it was the wrong choice as Kittle is killing it.  Thanks for your help.



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On 11/9/2018 at 11:07 AM, kodycutter said:

Thanks again Sig.

QB - pick 2:  -3int, +5 300yds+

       Luck, Mayfield, Fitzpatrick


Flex/WR3 :  0.5ppr

     Which 2 get the start: Jalen Richard, Mike Williams or Trequan Smith or John Ross



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On 11/9/2018 at 11:47 AM, DarkKnightsGuru said:

ppr + 1 point

tds 10

1 point for every 10 yards total

100 yard rusher is 5 bonus 5

100 yard receiver bonus 5

who to start at Flex


Adrian Peterson

Scantling Marquez

Tyrell WIlliams


thanks Bloom



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On 11/9/2018 at 12:41 PM, nimrod_24 said:

Hey had quick trade to run by you and get your thoughts I get K Allen E Engram K Johnson and L Fitzgerald 

i give up G Olsen A Dalton AJ Green P Linsey 

non ppr    My current team is 

QB: Dalton R Wilson 

RB: Gurley Ingram Linsey Crowell  R Freeman 

WR: Green JuJu E Sanders J Gordon T Williams 

TE: Gronk Olsen 

D Bears 


take it

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On 11/9/2018 at 12:50 PM, kyoun1e said:

PPR League. Need one RB.

* N. Chubb vs ATL -- ATL run D horrible, but injuries on CLE D could mean ATL offense puts on a show and a negative game script could result.

* A. Jones vs MIA -- GB favored. Should be a positive gamescript. Only risk is McCarthy punishment due to fumble.

* M. Mack vs JAX -- Mack on a roll and JAX run D statistically not that good, but do we trust him in this spot? Assume healthy.




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On 11/9/2018 at 12:52 PM, kyoun1e said:

PPR League. Need to break TE glass in the case where Gronk is out. Pick one:


* CJ Ozomah vs NO -- Not a good matchup, but with AJ Green out could see targets.

* R. Seals-Jones @KC -- Better matchup, but can Rosen get him the ball?

* C. Herndon vs BUF -- BUF D tough; McCown at QB...not sure he has same connection with Herndon as Darnold had.




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On 11/9/2018 at 1:03 PM, kyoun1e said:

PPR League. Need a WR.

* K. Golloday @CHI -- Targets are down despite Tate gone. DET offense a little off.


* D. Baldwin @LAR -- Wilson should be forced to throw, but didn't help in their first matchup nor did it help last year. Baldwin with horrible stats the last two years against LAR. LAR slot corner pretty good.




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PPR league:

Current WRs

Sanders, JuJu, AJ Green and Kirk

Worried about Green's availability ROS, who would you roster for ROS?

1) Do I drop Kirk for one of these: TaeQuan Smith, Ross or Coutee?


2) This week in PPR league: Maurice Harris or Christian Kirk?





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12-team, full PPR - need 3 WRs (current starters in bold)

Rostered: Robinson (Det), MVS (MIA), Baldwin (@LAR), Kirk (@KC), Cobb (MIA)

FA: Humphries (WAS), MWilliams (@OAK), David Moore (@LAR), Ross (NO), Moncrief (@IND)

Robinson worth considering with Slay out, and maybe Ansah too? Feeling like it's a Howard game, no need to throw.

- thx

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