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Multiple leagues?

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> WSL4 (9th pick)

> QB: Romo (5), Campbell (8), Grossman (5)

> RB: McCoy (7), Starks (8), Choice (5), Hardesty (5)

> WR: Fitzgerald (6), Maclin (7), MThomas (9), Avery (5), Baldwin (6), Mason (5), Decker (6)

> TE: Pettigrew (9), Gonzalez (8)

> D: SF (7), Miami (5)

> PK: Buehler (5), Barth (7)

- Bye weeks were mostly kind to me here, as was the KC drafting of Baldwin. I'm really liking this team right now, nothing has downgraded the outlook yet.

> Gamma PDSL (5th pick)

> QB: Rivers (6), Tebow (6), VY (6)

> RB: Rice (5), Hightower (6), Scott (7), Tate (11), Devine (?)

> WR: Austin (5), Rice (9), Crabtree (7), Alexander (5), Bennett (8), T.Price (7), Dillard (9)

> TE: Hernandez (7), Olsen (8), Scheffler (9), Z.Miller(Jax) (9)

> D: Bears (8), Bengals (7)

> PK: Scobee (9), Graham (7?), Gano (5)

- Have to see what happens to VY, as week 6 still looks bad. Devine seems to be a wasted pick. Hightower lost some value, the rest remains solid but no great surprises.

> SSL2 (6th pick)

> QB: Freeman (8), Mccoy (5)

> RB: McCoy (7), Mathews (6), MBush (8), Powell (8)

> WR: Jennings (8) Harvin (9), R Moss (?), Avery (5), Simpson (7), Massaqui (5)

> TE: Gresham (7), Moeaki (6)

> PK: Tynes (7), Vinatieri (11)

> D: Packers (8), Seahawks (6)

- just finished, so no suprises, still an okay team.

Strong QB1s throughout even if Freeman is my weakest I like the kid. I'm relying on McCoy in 2, if Avery plays well that will help in 2. Otherwise I did a decent job of spreading risk but that also means I won't win big due to a few guys. I didn't have too many targets as I had a different plan for each. Spread out the top picks in W4, wanted a strong WR corps in PDSL, and went RBs early in S2. Although, I think my WR corps might be stronger in W4.

Your thoughts on my teams are welcome, but I'd love to see what your plans were throughout the drafts.

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WSL4 (Pick 11)

5.11 Matt Ryan ATL QB 14 (8)

6.06 Mark Sanchez NYJ QB 19 (8)

3.11 Ahmad Bradshaw NYG RB 18 (7)

4.06 LaGarrette Blount TB RB 21 (8)

10.06 Brandon Jacobs NYG RB 42 (7)

11.11 Marion Barber DAL RB 49 (5)

12.06 Bernard Scott CIN RB 53 (7)

18.06 Jerome Harrison PHI RB 67 (7)

1.11 Calvin Johnson DET WR 2 (9)

2.06 Reggie Wayne IND WR 6 (11)

7.11 Steve Smith CAR WR 38 (9)

8.06 Terrell Owens WR 41 (?)

13.11 Kevin Walter HOU WR 73 (11)

19.11 T.J. Houshmandzadeh BAL WR96 (5)

9.11 Todd Heap BAL TE 24 (5)

20.06 Tony Scheffler DET TE34 (9)

14.06 Matt Bryant ATL PK 1 (8)

17.11 Olindo Mare SEA PK28 (6)

15.11 Denver Bronco DST29 (6)

16.06 Washington Redskin DST30 (5)

Play it safe as not sure about rookies/FA’s etc. Went WR/WR and didn’t mind the way this draft went at the time except for waiting on TE. I got screwed on the bye weeks at QB and RB. Wish I wouldn’t have taken Barber. Could have used another body at WR but this group is pretty solid. Smith leaving CAR and he and TO ending up in good spots could really help. Scheffler should have been Shockey.

PDSL (24) BSS (Pick 11)

1.11 Aaron Rodgers GB, QB2 (8)

6.06 Tim Tebow DEN QB19 (6)

3.11 Peyton Hillis CLE RB14 (5)

4.06 Jahvid Best DET RB16 (9)

9.11 Danny Woodhead NE RB42 (7)

10.06 Brandon Jacobs NYG RB44 (7)

18.06 Jerome Harrison PHI RB67 (7)

20.06 LeRon McClain BAL RB79 (5)

24.06 Derrick Ward HOU RB93 (11)

2.06 Hakeem Nicks NYG WR5 (7)

7.11 Terrell Owens FA WR39 (?)

8.06 Jordy Nelson GB WR44 (8)

11.11 Jordan Shipley, CIN, WR62 (7)

17.11 Jason Avant, PHI, WR81 (7)

19.11 Brandon LaFell, CAR, WR100 (9)

21.11 Josh Cribbs, CLE, WR109 (5)

22.06 Damian Williams, TEN, WR112 (6)

23.11 Kevin Ogletree, DAL, WR121 (5)

5.11 Jimmy Graham, NO, TE10 (11)

15.11 Jacob Tamme, IND, TE30 (11)

14.06 Matt Bryant, ATL, PK4 (8)

16.06 Matt Prater, DEN, PK19 (6)

12.06 Detroit Lions, DST12 (9)

13.11 Washington Redskins, DST25 (5)

Play it safe again with questions about rookies and FA’s. Neither Johnson WR fell so went a different direction. Really like this team. Explosive QB’s, fairly solid at RB, good mix of WR (TO will be key), good screwed by bye weeks at TE but love getting Graham as TE10 at 5.11 as that felt like a gift.

Common players: Jacobs-Harrison-TO-Bryant (PK)-WAS DST.

PDSL 24 GAMMA (Pick 12)

1.12 Aaron Rodgers GB QB2 (8)

21.12 Jake Locker TEN QB40 (6)

22.05 Christian Ponder MIN QB43 (9)

4.05 LeGarrette Blount TB RB19 (8)

7.12 Ryan Torain WSH, RB33 (5)

10.05 Ryan Williams ROOK RB44 (6)

13.12 Rashad Jennings JAX RB52 (9)

15.12 Willis McGahee FA RB56 (5)

18.05 Jerome Harrison PHI RB66 (7)

20.05 Derrick Ward HOU RB76 (11)

3.12 DeSean Jackson PHI WR15 (7)

5.12 Anquan Boldin BAL WR26 (5)

8.05 Jordy Nelson GBP WR40 (8)

9.12 Robert Meachem NO WR50 (11)

11.12 Danny Amendola STL WR58 (5)

17.12 Jabar Gaffney DEN WR79 (6)

19.12 Blair White IND WR95 (11)

23.12 Joshua Cribbs WR CLE (5)

24.05 Kevin Ogletree WR DAL (5)

2.05 Antonio Gates SD TE2 (6)

6.05 Marcedes Lewis JAX TE13 (9)

12.05 Minnesota Vikings DST19 (9)

14.05 Matt Bryant ATL PK9 (8)

16.05 Matt Prater DEN PK20 (6)

I went QB/TE start here with Rodgers-Gates. I tried something different since I was kind of a sub for this draft. Never felt like the draft was coming to me, always felt like I was chasing. May really like the QB’s after all is said and done. RB’s look to be an issue, but no bye week issues could help. WR’s are money and bye weeks are okay except for week 5. Possibly the best TE group. One DST is a killer as I tried to get cute and got burnt by the 3 DST guys. With a top QB, solid group of WR/TE I could be okay.

Common players: Rodgers (2)-Harrison (3)-Ward (2)-Nelson (2)-Cribbs (2)-Ogletree-(2)-Bryant PK (3).

WSL2 (Pick 9)

4.08 Sam Bradford QB11 STL (5)

6.08 Mark Sanchez QB20 NYJ (8)

2.08 Peyton Hillis RB13 CLE (5)

3.09 Mark Ingram RB16 NO (11)

10.08 Brandon Jacobs RB45 NYG (7)

13.09 Mike Goodson RB54 CAR (9)

1.09 Andre Johnson WR1 HOU (11)

5.09 Michael Crabtree WR25 SF (7)

8.08 Braylon Edwards WR41 NYJ/FA (8)

12.08 Danny Amendola WR64 STL (5)

15.09 Titus Young WR78 DET (9)

16.08 Blair White WR83 IND (11)

7.09 Jared Cook TE17 TEN (6)

17.09 Anthony Fasano TE31 MIA (5)

14.08 Billy Cundiff PK8 BAL (5)

18.08 Alex Henery PK26 PHI (7)

9.09 Baltimore Ravens DST1 (5)

11.09 New England Patriots DST9 (7)

With only 18 roster spots I wanted to really watch the bye weeks but also take some chances on guys that might give me the edge to actually win. I think I made a few mistakes and probably took a few too many chances and followed my gut too much. But I like this team. If I hit on Ingram-Young-White-Cook, I could make some noise. Common Players: Sanchez (2)-Hillis (2)- Jacobs (3)-Amendola (2)-White (2)

Guys I would to have liked to have had more: Steven Jackson, Goodson, Nicks, Blount, Graham, Brady, R. Jennings, and Tebow.

Best Picks: Graham at 5.11 in PDSL-BSS. I felt Jacobs represented value where I took him in all of the drafts. Tebow at 6.06 in PDSL-BSS to go with Rodgers seemed solid. Damian Williams in the 22nd round. Blair White late in a couple leagues could be nice. Hillis at 3.11 in a draft felt like a gift. And backing up Rodgers real late in one draft with the Locker/Ponder combo feels okay right now.

Worst picks or just plain mistakes: TE in both WSL and the PDSL although I think Cook will be okay. Shipley at 11.11 in PDSL-BSS was horrific. Barber at 11.11 in WSL sucked. Stuck with one DST in PDSL GAMMA which has 24 rounds is inexcusable. And then taking a couple DST really early in the last draft. I was okay with the way it turned out, but just not sure it was the best play.

Overall: If Jacobs has a big year I smoke all you fools. Love these draft and the perspectives from all the guys. The discussion does more for me than anything. Was always at the back end of the draft so it felt the same quite a bit. Never had a chance to build a team around one of the Stud RB’s. But felt I did okay overall, followed my gut some so that probably strayed me from the “norm” on occasion which is okay. I lock in on a few guys sometimes. One of the biggest things I need to improve on is researching the rookies a little more. Felt I did a pretty good job of managing the uncertainty at QB going into this season by usually grabbing a couple of solid guys.

Good luck everybody and have a great summer.

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Drafting 14th

Drew Brees, NO, QB 2

Cam Newton, ROOK, QB 29

Blaine Gabbert, ROOK, QB 35

Jahvid Best, DET, RB 18

Cedric Benson, CIN (?), RB 25

LaDainian Tomlinson, NYJ, RB 36

Ronnie Brown, UFA, RB 40

Donald Brown, IND, RB 53

Ricky Williams, UFA, RB 74

Marques Colston, NO, WR 16

Johnny Knox, CHI, WR 30

Lance Moore, NO, WR 42

Jabar Gaffney, DEN, WR 62

Devin Hester, CHI, WR 73

Kevin Walter, HOU, WR 75

Jason Witten, DAL, TE 1

Jeremy Shockey, NOS, TE 31

Nick Folk, NYJ, K18

Alex Henry, FA, K31

Titans Defense, TEN, DEF 25

PDSL (Radballs)

Drafting 15th

Drew Brees, NO, QB4

Rex Grossman, WAS, QB32

Steven Jackson, STL, RB9

Ahmad Bradshaw, NYG, RB16

Jahvid Best, DET, RB18

LeRon McClain, ?, RB76

Austin Collie, IND, WR28

Deion Branch, NE, WR29

Braylon Edwards, NYJ, WR38

Lance Moore, NO, WR40

Roy Williams, DAL, WR83

Plaxico Burress, ?, WR98

Anthony Fasano, MIA, TE27

Jeremy Shockey, NO, TE28

Michael Hoomanawanui, STL, TE29

Jay Feely, ARI, K19

Conner Barth, TB, K20

Pittsburgh Steelers DEF1

Green Bay Packers DEF2

Tennessee Titans DEF22


Drafting 3rd

Matt Ryan, ATL, QB7

Christian Ponder, MIN, QB30

Adrian Peterson, MIN, RB3

DeAngelo Williams, CAR, RB20

Ryan Torain, WAS, RB35

Donald Brown, INDY, RB54

Tim Hightower, AZ, RB60

Dwayne Bowe, KCC, WR10

Johnny Knox, CHI, WR30

Julio Jones, ATL, WR33

Danny Amendola, STL, WR48

Mike Sims-Walker, JAX/FA, WR55

Brandon Pettigrew, DET, TE6

Jeremy Shockey, CAR, TE31

Green Bay Packers, DEF4

St. Louis Rams, DEF17

Mason Crosby, GBP, PK1

David Buehler, DAL, BUF, PK24





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