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TE trade situation: Cook or Vance or Walker?


In a 12-team. 5ppr league with 2 flex spots (not super) and 1 keeper from year to year (max of 3 years). I also started this year 0-2 so I'm willing to take some risks. 

My team...QB: Stafford (Brees); WR: Evans, Lockett, Mecole Hardman, Fuller, Curtis Samuel; RB: Chubb, Josh Jacobs, Malcolm Brown, K Drake, Justin Jackson, Gio, Justice Hill. TE: Jared Cook

I am looking to upgrade at TE (could use WR help but that's a different story) and have possible options of Vance McDonald and Delanie Walker. For this scenario, just assume it could be either one. 

Would you trade either of the following packages to get either one of those TE? Probably use my open roster spot to grab QB Winston since he was dropped or a WR. 

  1. Give Cook and Gio for one of the TEs
  2. Give Cook and Justice Hill for one of the TEs (this might have to happen but Justice Hill was only $1 in our last auction draft, so he can be kept next year for $11 and the year after for $21. I heard a lot of hype on him but maybe I'm holding on to hope)
  3. Give Cook and Drake for one of the TEs (hesitate here because while I think Drake has 0 value right now that could change if he's traded this year yet. And could be a trade piece after (and if) that happens. 
  4. Do nothing and keep Cook (and maybe drop Stafford for Winston)


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No way do the other owners take your trades so come up with Plan B. The guys you want to trade will not be starter worthy on another team. You will have to give up Lockett or Hardman for one of those TE's.

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