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    Rule Change.

    I have not put a lot of thought into this yet. It is just an idea for a rule that seems like a good idea to me. Has anyone ever played in a league where owners could negotiate the amount of points a player would be credited with for a fantasy game. Example: You play in a league where you...
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    Broncos RB.

    I am buying Moreno. Last year he took over in week 12 and was the seven highest scoring RB from week 12 to the end of the season in PPR format. I do not think he is an exceptional talent, buy he is in a great situation. He is going off the board at RB63 around pick 173. That is crazy. In...
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    draft mag.

    Last year FBG had an online draft guide that came with the subscription. Will that be the case this year.
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    baseball off days

    Just started playing fantasy baseball in weekly leagues through sites like draftstreet and fanduel. Is there an easy resource to find on a free site that tracks when a player last had an off day when there was a game. I am trying to find some help for trying to guess which players are going...
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    weekly fantasy baseball leagues.

    It has been some time since I played fantasy baseball. I am coming back to the game this summer, but instead of joining a normal league I am going to join weekly leagues on draftstreet or some site like this. Does anyone have any advice. Looking for any advice in one of three areas: salary...
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    Wow. that sucks. I only had about 30 bucks in there and that was money I won one a free roll last year, but still show some integrity draftzone
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    I went to sign up for a draftzone league today and the site is down. Anyone know what has happened. I just sent an email to ask, but have not heard a response yet.
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    The Audible LIVE! - 9/20/2012 10PM ET

    General question about Thursday night players. With regards to strategy is there any advantage in starting Thursday night players when everything else is equal. My thinking is along the lines of having more information, the outcome of the Thursday night performance, when setting your final...
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    Lions at 49ers

    I agree. Not only do they seemingly never miss a tackle but they dont even let the people they tackle fall forward.
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    Game thread: Packers vs. Bears

    I can not believe I started Cutler. This is the worst offensive football I have ever seen
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    Alfred Morris, Redskins RB - Value

    I have Alfred Morris in a PPR league and have sent an offer of Bowe and Morris for B. Marshall. I could see holding on to him since he gets the Rams this week and another good performance should increase his trade value, but anyone who thinks they are getting 12 or more starts out of him this...
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    Erin Henderson

    This question is for anyone who watched the Min/Jax game. How did Henderson look on film. His stat line was good, did his play back it up
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    Game Thread: Chargers at Raiders

    McFadden 17 touches in the first half
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    Who is your perfect group of NFL Broadcasters

    Jerry Glaneville. It was so bad it was good.
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    ***The Audible LIVE*** 9/6/2012 10PM ET

    Hello, this question is for Sigmond. You have been talking up Lloyd at Wr for the better part of a month and then you have him ranked at WR39 in your ppr week one projections. Please explain