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    Dwight Lowery, ATL S Week 15 Sleeper?

    I'll be honest, I hadn't thought about Lowery before this post, but I think you're onto something here. He's played 100% of the snaps over the past 2 weeks (even week 13 when Moore was healthy). I'm on-board, and just picked him up to replace J McCourty.
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    Chris Borland

    I was just coming here to post a link to the Baldinger breakdown, lol. Say what you will, but I just don't get the hate. He looks like he's an absolute legit LB'r.
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    snap, crackle, and more SNAPS! III -- this time it's 2014!

    Rock on, thanks for the opinion! Those .gifs were pretty interesting as well. I landed Wright, so we'll see what happens.
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    snap, crackle, and more SNAPS! III -- this time it's 2014!

    Excellent as always Kool-Aid! Quick question though; who's the add between Wright and Smith in Seattle? Having trouble figuring that one out.
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    2014 casualties

    Looks like Whitehead may take over the MLB, rather than the WLB. This is the latest news I've seen on the situation.
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    snap, crackle, and more SNAPS! III -- this time it's 2014!

    Awesome info! Thanks!
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    Tahir Whitehead at SAM-

    Was anybody able to see the game? He had one hell of a stat line.
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    Sleeping on Spikes? Jene?

    I'm just wondering if we're all sleeping on Spikes. It seems that his move to BUF has been pretty smooth so far, and he's indeed intrenched at the MLB spot, making all the calls in camp. I know the main fear is that, up until this point he's only been a 2-down LB. I really wish I could find the...
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    Vincent Rey

    Well that just sucks
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    anyone rolling with Denarius Moore?

    Megaton injury forced me to choose between Moore and Wallace. Though Wallace is having a really nice game, I just feel that Moore and Pryor have a bit of a connection. Moore's had 2 really good games in a row (really good as far as oak is concerned) and will hopefully continue the trend this...
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    Tavon Austin

    Holy ####e; I just check in to see if there was any new Austin news. I didn't realize there were so many physicians in the ole shark pool. Kutta sums it up perfectly, so just leave it at that please. I'll only add this one tid bit; Tavon never missed a practice, never missed a game, in all of...
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    Post Your 2013 Dynasty Rookie Draft Dynasty league, ppr, IDP, pretty interesting for sure. I'm Zen Master btw. Didn't need a QB (have Rogers & Russell Wilson), but felt I had to take EJ where I got him. Also, I have DMAC, so that may help explain the Murray...
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    2013 Every-Down Linebacker Thread

    Thanks for the info Jene! Got a question for ya; Do you see Arthur Brown taking hold of the Ray Lewis spot this season?
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    Dynasty: Worst Roster Move of 2012

    Ugh, this one pains me to even write. Around week 1 of the pre-season I made this great blunderGave: Adrian PetersonGot: DMACRationale: .........................