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    Do you believe the NFL should suspend players for Marijauna?

    I don't think "most" employers do random or mandatory drug test.
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    Weather in Chicago tonight

    Been debating starting Dez Bryant over Marshall, but have to think Brandon should hold his #s with some yards after catch.
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    What are you guys doing with Leshoure?

    His averages are 15 carries and 3.4 receptions per game. That's 18 touches, not 10-12. In this RB landscape, makes him a viable RB2. I'm plenty skeptical of starting him at that spot so trying to acquire Michael Turner but Leshoure has a big future.
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    What are you guys doing with Leshoure?

    He does have 5 games with 3 or more catches including a game with 6 against the Bears. Seems like Leshoure's capable of some pretty big games, but the Lions seem confident in Bell, so they're trying to keep Leshoure fresh for late in the season.
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    Passing games your avoiding or buying?

    I'm buying on the Stafford/Bradford combo for a couple years from now for my league where I can start 2 QBs.
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    Andrew Luck

    Worst team in the league? doubtful. Looks like a team that wins 6-8 games to me. There's 2 teams within that division that are likely worse.
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    Running Back flying under the Radar

    If he's effective, they'll try to get Daniel Thomas more work. I just don't like Bush, but I'd take him if he falls far enough in the draft.
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    Detroit Backfield - can anyone make sense of it?

    Nothing wrong with depth, but I'd bet Smith will get 70 percent of the carries in that RBBC. Can't read much into a preseason game where Bell and Williams run well against 2nd and third-string defenders.
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    Do not Draft List

    Why on Eli? Considering drafting him as my second QB in a 10-team league that has a super flex spot. He was a top 10 in points in my league last year. Even if he goes back down to 4,500 yards instead of pushing 5,000, he's a good value.
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    Sam Bradford

    1. Brady2. Rodgers3. Brees4. Stafford5. Cam6. Eli7. Vick8. Matt Ryan9. Ben10. Peyton11. Cutler12. Freeman13. Dalton14. Palmer15. Bradford16. Alex Smith17. Flacco18. RGIII19. Luck20. Fitzpatrick
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    Sam Bradford

    As was discussed earlier in the thread, he had one of the best rookie QB seasons of all-time. :confused:
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    Everyone is sleeping on....

    Anyone have a projection for Titus Young. 600 and 6 TDs last year. With the attention Megatron gets, seems like he could go over 1,000 with 8 or 9 scores to become a WR2 that you could draft like a low-end WR3.
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    Sam Bradford

    Nice video. Yeah, he looked awesome in the clips from early in the season, unsettled and rushed in the second half. And lots of drops. Quick and Amendola will help a lot. As for the coordinator...
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    Sam Bradford

    Bradford doesn't really have a career track yet. All I'm saying is his rookie year was great in comparison to a lot of great QBs. Only played 10 games last year and a few of them were playing with a weak ankle.
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    Sam Bradford

    My concern is can he the line give him a pocket and does he have at least an inkling of that Tom Brady presence to stand in there with confidence. Alex Smith comparison is just wrong. Smith struggled to complete 50 percent of his passes until his 4th season. He's got the superior arm strength...