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★★★Official 2015 Cincy Bengals-now with more K Webb (1 Viewer)

That was a mess, but Dalton being back will fix the offense and the D was great considering what they were dealing with the 1st 3 quarters.

Good chance we lose Hue Jackson and we have some decisions on FAs.

Drafting for depth again outside of maybe WR. I think we need at least a slot guy. Either let 1 of Jones/Sanu walk or leave Sanu as a 4th WR. Hewitt being gone killed our running game. Anyone out there that can back him up would help.

In 2016 NFL you have to plan to win despite injuries. Keep doing what we're doing and as long as it isn't QB we should be solid.

Big list of free agents. I think Rey, Gilberry, Iloka, Marvin jones, Sanu and Nelson need to be a priority.

CB Leon Hall

RT Andre Smith

S Reggie Nelson

LB Emmanuel Lamur

LB Vincent Rey

DL Wallace Gilberry

CB Adam Jones

OL Eric Winston

DL Pat Sims

WR Brandon Tate

WR Mohamed Sanu

DT Brandon Thompson

WR Marvin Jones

S George Iloka

C T.J. Johnson

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