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2013 Footballguys IBL and Check In Thread....... (1 Viewer)

Clash of the Titans

IBL Representative
....time to get the band back together.....saw on last year's league site the actual homesite has been moved to this site........http://forums.fflivewire.com/Index.php?showforum=93 and we are good for 2013....Dan is the head IBL commish again andshould be in touch with renesauz soon

looking for everybody from last year..and they are




pictus cat



old milwaukee

rzrback 77

sweet love

stinkin ref


please post as soon as you can if you are in or out so we can begin looking for replacements if necessary....hope everyone is doing well and having a great summer......

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Yo Clash, you've got Sinrman listed twice so ya missin somebody.

Miss participating in this league. Good luck to all of you guys!

Never saw this thread. Let's use the one over in the Mock Drafts forum.

PMs went out to most of last year's players earlier today, and there is a check in thread at Livewire (hosting IBL forum this year)

Holy crap, this is still going on? I was in the inaugural draft as a Huddle rep, than moved on the next few years as a War Room rep before hanging it up. I really liked the team concept and thought it was wayyyyy ahead of it's time. If I'm not mistaken, it was a guy that had the username Voltaire that started it up.


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