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2013 MBSL Signup Thread (1 Viewer)


There will be two options this year.

Type 1. Slow draft which will be run on this board with MFL used for tracking. Draft will start August 12th. 8 hour clock with reductions as needed for Sept 5th kick off.

Type 2. Fast and furious. MFL drafting only. Draft will start Monday the 26th. Clock will be off Labor Day weekend. 2 hour clock with reductions as needed for Sept 5th kick off.

When you post, please select from the following options....

a) In for league Type 1 only.

b) In for League Type 2 only.

c) In for either, place me where you need me.

d) In for both (if needed).

League 1

1. Stinkin Ref

2. BnB

3. Fiddles

4. Bro1nocs

5. Old Mil

6. Shadowfax

7. Helltoupee

8. Teamramrod

9. Steel Dillo

10. Nugget

11. Captain Hook

12. Ahrncitypahnder

13. Valence

14. Rolling_akg

15. Sinrman

16. Renesauz

League 2

1. Stinkin Ref

2. BnB

3. Bro1ncos

4. Old Mil

5. Shawdowfax

6. Helltoupee

7. Teamramrod

8. Krsone21

9. Atomic Punk

10. Reaper

11. Go DC Yourself

12. Shadowmaster

13. Choas Commish

14. BroadwayG

15. Blue-Kun

16. Duckboy

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I'll be in Hawaii the week of the 26th - I can do a slow draft while there with some preloaded picks, but the "fast and furious" scares me.

Is MBSL 2 going to get set up soon? Looks like MBSL 1 is well on its way or is MBSL 2 giving MBSL 1 a week head start.


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