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2013 Survivor Week 3 - Double Jeopardy Version (1 Viewer)

Week 1 Winner (Colts), Loser (Raiders)

Week 2 Winner (Bengals), Loser (Steelers)

Week 3 Winner: Seahawks

Week 3 Loser: Jaguars

winners - Indy, Oakland Week 03 - Seattle

losers - Buffalo, NY Giants Week 03 - Jacksonville

Quick question - do you have it listed some where those actually still in this?

I can't remember if I submitted already, so here's my entry

Winners: Colts, Patriots, wk 03: Seahawks

Losers: Bills, Jets, wk 03: Jaguars

Winners: Houston, Cincy

Losers: Oakland, Pittsburgh

Week 3: Seattle winner over Jacksonville loser

We just lost 14 people with the Browns win. That will make my job easier. That's probably 40% of the remaining players.


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