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2013 Survivor Week 3 - Double Jeopardy Version (1 Viewer)


Week 1:


Week 2:


Congrats to all who advanced! Good luck next year to all who fell by the wayside!

Format reminder:

winners: GB, CIN, MIA, DAL, ATL, TB Week 07: NE

losers: PIT, GB, STL, CHI, NOR, MIN Week 07: MIA

Thursday, September 19th

Chiefs @ Eagles

Sunday, September 22nd (early)

Cardinals @ Saints

Packers @ Bengals

Rams @ Cowboys

Browns @ Vikings

Chargers @ Titans

Buccaneers @ Patriots

Lions @ Redskins

Giants @ Panthers

Texans @ Ravens

Sunday, September 22nd (late)

Falcons @ Dolphins

Bills @ Jets

Colts @ 49ers

Jaguars @ Seahawks

Sunday Night Football

Bears @ Steelers

Monday Night Football

Raiders @ Broncos

Good luck! I want a clean fight. Touch gloves and come out at the bell!

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Winner - (Colts, Bengals) Week 3: Patriots

Loser - (Panthers, Titans) Week 3: Bucs

Winners: Used: IND, HOU Week 3: SEA

Losers: Used: GB, NYJ Week 3: IND

Note: My week 2 picks were entered in the week 1 thread. Here is the link to the posting: Week 2 picks

Week 1:

Winner: Indianapolis

Loser: Oakland

Week 2:

Winner: Cincinnati

Loser: Pittsburgh

Week 3:

Winner: Minnesota

Loser: Cleveland


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