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2015 Anarchy's Love Child Waiver Wire Claim Thread (1 Viewer)


We will use this thread to communicate each team's one designated waiver wire claim. Once the last game is completed on Monday night of Week 1, starting with the highest priority waiver, owners should post who that want to release and who they want to claim. Any player not already on one of the 32 team rosters is eligible to be picked up AS WELL AS any player dropped from a roster. For the learning impaired, only RB/WR/TE/PK are eligible to be swapped out. Also of note, you CANNOT create an illegal roster when adding/dropping a player. For example, you can't cut your only TE and pick up a 5th WR. After you swap a player, you must have 1 TMQB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 FLEX (RB/WR/TE), 1 PK, 1 DEF.

You must make or pass on your waiver claim at the time you are up. You CANNOT pass temporarily and then change you mind if someone you like better gets dropped 15 teams later. You get no points from the player you drop if they scored anything in Week One. You get an entire season of scoring from whomever you picked up (Weeks 1-21). So yes, you get the points scored from Week One from the guy you picked up.

When it is your turn, POST IN THIS THREAD who you want and I will manually enter the changes on the league site as best I can in a timely manner. The new players on your team will appear as a changed draft pick on the draft list and should be added to the team roster lists. My goal is to keep a running list of who was added and dropped with the claimed, dropped, and possibly re-claimed players in the original post of this thread. After all the roster changes are made, I will recalculate the first week's scoring.

If people can't check in in a timely manner throughout the day, I suggest that they contact me with who they want to drop and a ranked list of replacement substitutes or else we may not get everyone swapped out by Thursday night's game. If we can't get things wrapped up by then (and we should be able to finish by then), we will continue on until Sunday early game kickoff if we have to and player's from Thursday's game will be locked out and no longer available.

Teams that want to keep their existing roster intact should post their intent to forgo their waiver claim. If teams that want to keep everyone no matter, please post to that effect early in the week, and that should save some time. There is no timer or great way to regulate the replacement picks, so you guys will have to be on the honor system. If someone takes an excessive amount of time to make a replacement pick, I will have to make an executive decision on how best to handle that.

Here is the waiver claim order . . .

01 - TheGrimReaper - Drops White, James NEP RB. Adds Williams, Karlos BUF RB.

02 - BassNBrew - Drops Robinson, Khiry NOS RB. Adds Lewis, Dion NEP RB.

03 - Dork Matter - Drops Hopkins, Dustin WAS PK. Adds Hocker, Zack NOS PK.

04 - Tex - Drops Ball, Montee FA RB. Adds Robinson, Khiry NOS RB.

05 - Snellman - Drops Conley, Chris KCC WR. Adds Cooper, Riley PHI WR.

06 - eNdblu - No changes.

07 - Montana_grizzly_bears - Drops Jaelen Strong HOU WR. Adds Benjamin, Travis CLE WR.

08 - freeannyong - Drops Sturgis, Caleb FA PK. Adds Lambo, Josh SDC PK.

09 - Coordinator - Drops Herron, Dan IND RB. Adds Reese, Marcel OAK RB.

10 - Carlton Gray - Drops Janis, Jeff GBP WR. Adds Norwood, Jordan DEN WR.

11 - Norseman - Drops Nelson, Jordy GBP WR. Adds Matthews, Rishard MIA WR.

12 - Stinkin' Ref - No changes.

13 - ryheaps - Drops Latimer, Cody DEN WR. Adds Greene, Rashad JAC WR.

14 - Duckboy - No changes.

15 - bro1ncos - Drops Benjamin, Kelvin CAR WR. Adds Heyward-Bey, Darrius PIT WR.

16 - BroncoFreak_2K3 - Drops Forbath, Kai FA PK. Adds Franks, Andrew MIA PK.

17 - Biabreakable - Drops Nicks, Hakeem FA WR. Adds Dobson, Aaron NEP WR.

18 - Jestefarean - Drops Wilson, Luke SEA TE. Adds Fells, Darren ARI TE.

19 - Ben & Jerry's - Drops Hardy, Justin ATL WR. Adds Owusu, Chris NYJ WR.

20 - BroadwayG - Drops Harley, Garrett PIT PK. Adds Brindza, Kyle TBB PK.

21 - Borden - No changes.

22 - jhexel - Drops Asiata, Matt MIN RB. Adds Bradshaw, Ahmad FA RB.

23 - Sinrman - No changes.

24 - Grigs Allmoon - No changes.

25 - Hawklets90 - Drops Wayne, Reggie FA WR. Adds Barnidge, Gary CLE TE.

26 - Anarchy99 - Drops Barth, Connor FA PK. Adds Coons, Travis CLE PK.

27 - FunkyTeaParty - Drops Amaro, Jace NYJ TE. Adds Escobar, Gavin DAL TE.

28 - Go DC Yourself - No changes.

29 - Maggot Brain - Drops Murray, Patrick FA PK. Adds Myers, Jason JAC PK.

30 - NCFF Commish - Drops Gray, Jonas MIA RB. Adds Bolden, Brandon NEP NE.

31 - ItsOnlyTheRiver - No changes.

32 - There It Is - Drops Novak, Nick FA PK. Adds Hopkins, Dustin WAS PK.


White, James NEP RB

Robinson, Khiry NOS RB (Claimed)

Hopkins, Dustin WAS PK

Ball, Montee FA RB

Conley, Chris KCC WR

Strong, Jaelen HOU WR

Sturgis, Caleb FA PK

Herron, Dan IND RB

Janis, Jeff GBP WR

Nelson, Jordy GBP WR

Latimer, Cody DEN WR

Benjamin, Kelvin CAR WR

Forbath, Kai FA PK

Nicks, Hakeem FA WR

Wilson, Luke SEA TE

Hardy, Justin ATL WR

Hartley, Garrett PIT PK

Asiata, Matt MIN RB

Wayne, Reggie FA WR

Barth, Connor FA PK

Amaro, Jace NYJ TE

Murray, Patrick FA PK

Gray, Jonas MIA RB

Novak, Nick FA PK


Williams, Karlos BUF RB

Lewis, Dion NEP RB

Hocker, Zach NOS PK

Robinson, Khiry NOS RB

Cooper, Riley PHI WR

Benjamin, Travis CLE WR

Lambo, Josh SDC PK

Reese, Marcel OAK RB

Norwood, Jordan DEN WR

Matthews, Rishard MIA WR

Greene, Rashad JAC WR

Heyward-Bey, Darrius PIT WR

Franks, Andrew MIA PK

Dobson, Aaron NEP WR

Fells, Darren ARI TE

Owusu, Chris NYJ WR

Brindza, Kyle TBB PK

Bradshaw, Ahmad FA RB

Barnidge, Gary CLE TE

Coons, Travis CLE PK

Escobar, Gavin DAL TE

Myers, Jason JAC PK

Bolden, Brandon NEP NE

Hopkins, Dustin WAS PK

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I'm cool with you letting bass have a couple extra switches that he needs if everybody else is ok with it....

Please ADD Karlos Williams, RB BUF and DROP James White, RB NWE......

Thanks :)

Bass, U are up <<<<

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I'll drop Luke Wilson TE SEA and grab Darren Fells TE ARI

I'll message Ben and Jerry

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Shot in the dark - drop Asiata, Matt (MN RB) and add Bradshaw, Ahmad (FA RB).

PM sent.

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Which no name kicker with zero job security do I want from a terrible team that won't score many points?

Dropping Barth, Connor FA PK for Coons, Travis CLE PK.


Sorry about that all... meant to check this morning and couldn't.

I wasn't planning on making any moves anywho. My suggestion in the future, if schlubs like me can't respond in a certain amount of time, we're just skipped and no claim is made.

Drop PK Murray and pick up PK Myers Jac

Unable to PM NCFF commish...must be full??

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All rosters should be adjusted and the scores recalculated. Please make sure your roster and Week 1 score are correct.


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