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2018 MBSL Sign Up Thread (1 Viewer)


Better late than never???

FIRST 16 to post get in.  We'll probably start on Wednesday and be on a 2 hour clock until we finish.  We will roll right through the Thursday game.  18 rounds, standard rules.

1. Bassnbrew

2. Stinkin Ref

3. Go DC Yourself

4. Norseman

5. Maggot Brain

6. Shadowfax

7. Duckboy

8. Nittany Lion

9. Crippler

10. btsw

11. Bro1ncos

12. Stephan Holloway

13. Busman

14. Mr. Irrelevant

15. Biabreakable

16. Firstseason1988

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Thx for the invite,would normally join, but work is hellacious rite now and after my draft Tonite, im toasted. 

I will be out of town on Wednesday but I should be back by Wed evening.

I can predraft the whole thing so not worried about that. Just might not be around when you guys start.

In if this is not a problem.

I'll cover of you the first couple of rounds if needed.
I am expecting to be back by about 6pm EST as the person I am training does have a thing with his kids that starts at 4:30 and we should be finishing at around 2-3 pm (CST)

So go ahead if you want to start before then. I should be available for this after this training Wed.

I wish I could, but I can't. I really appreciate the invite. I share your passion, as you know. If it was a draft and go I would definitely do it.


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