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2019 Rookie Target List (1 Viewer)


Here's a little bit different take I am using to help with rookie drafts.  I find it easier to identify players I like or want vs. have a take on everyone.  This doesn't mean I won't pick anyone else, these are just the guys I would have no regrets taking at this point.  To each his own!

Target list: Guys I'll actively target

  • Josh Jacobs
  • N'Keal Harry
  • AJ Brown
  • DK Metcalf
  • T.J. Hockenson
  • Noah Fant
  • Parris Campbell
  • Darrell Henderson
  • Kyler Murray
  • Andy Isabella
Dart Throw/Watchlist: Guys I'd like to get (at the right price) or will keep an eye on

  • Rodney Anderson
  • Jalen Hurd
  • Terry McLaurin
  • Jace Sternberger
  • Darwin Thompson
  • Emanuel Hall
  • Gary Jennings
  • James Williams
  • Devine Ozigbo
  • Stanley Morgan Jr.
  • Preston Williams
  • Antoine Wesley
  • Ashton Dulin
  • Kahale Warring
  • Bruce Anderson
  • Anthony Ratliff-Williams

Bracie Smathers

Maven25 said:
Dart Throw/Watchlist: Guys I'd like to get (at the right price) or will keep an eye on

  • Kahale Warring
Seth C. Payne‏ @SethCPayne

My biggest impression from #Texans rookie minicamp was that TE Kahale Warring is a physical specimen who moves extremely well. Caught the call well. Also was busting his ### in special teams drills.

1:19 PM - 10 May 2019

Sigmund Bloom‏ @SigmundBloom

Sigmund Bloom Retweeted Seth C. Payne

Second positive Warring report - great first impression...




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