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2022 Redraft - Forget the Buy Lows... Who are the Buy Highs? (1 Viewer)


Let someone else catch the falling knives with the Buy Lows, we're shooting for the stars in here...

Buy Highs = momentum players who are ascending but haven't yet peaked in 2022

Caveats when shopping for Highs... The price you must pay and not a penny more is the current imperfect but pervading perception about the player. If you are (over)paying for him as if he's already ascended to the higher status you project, you are doing it wrong. However, it's also just as wrong (b/c it will likely poison your trade talks) to assume you can offer preseason value. That prior undervalue is gone. Finido. Get it out of your head, except as a prior measure only. Focus instead on reset value with Buy Highs - if there were a redraft today for ROS, where would these names go now. Then, do you think you can acquire them at less than this new/reset ROS value. If you can, this last week through the next month or so is prime trading season as teams panic, reshuffle and battle bye weeks while trying to contend...

Who are this season's Buy Highs? I'm not sure and am curious to also hear the FBG community's candidates. But here are my suggested targets as of the conclusion of last weekend (wk 5)...

1. Taysom Hill - at TE, r u kidding me? Sorry for not saying this earlier this week, but I had to make sure to get him everywhere I could first. Now that I have... GO GET HIM. Buy high red alert.

2. DK Metcalf - in four games last season with Geno - 19/295/3 = 14 PPG (0.5 PPR); in five 2022 games w/Geno - 28/372/2 = 12.6 PPG ... Despite the ongoing narrative, Geno seems to be simply carrying forward momentum he was building last year inside the BumRuss sandwich. DK's been inches short of a couple TDs this season that would've dramatically changed the narrative that Geno's holding him back.

3. Josh Jacobs - Cat's out. Horse's out. Genie's out. And yet there are still plenty of those out there who don't/won't believe. They are easy enough to spot. They are called Raider haters. They are everywhere. If you have one in your league who lucked into Jacobs, pounce with a solid offer. This isn't a time to try to buy low. Not even from a Raider hater.

4. George Pickens - This cat's still only half out. If you can get him at half out pricing, go there. And come back a winner. Maybe.

5. ?? Mystery High ?? - coming later this weekend, once I am able to properly situate this young emergent onto my squads.

Bonus High - Alec Pierce - who is he? I don't know. Barely heard of him until watching him be the only dude in the room to make a play over the course of an entire gawd-awful Thurs night a week ago. Then I read up on him and watched a little bit of his tape. He has some goods. I'd roster him and look out for more if I were in need of a WR. Colts are hurting for warm bodies at that position. To clarify tho, this is a 'Buy High' that went from a (redraft) value of 0 to a value of 2ish out of ten. It's low rent, but a Bonus High. A Bonus High on a free list. Send us yours. Good luck to us all.
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I love the George Pickens call, except I'm not sure he fits your criteria here. There's nothing about Pittsburg calling for premium fantasy prices. He can probably be had in redraft leagues for a modest cost.

For buy high, I like Marquise Brown. He's doing well in a new situation, and I don't think Hopkins coming back after this week will hurt him. Opposite, in fact. Team should have a better offense with more scoring opportunities, which I think bodes better for Brown than Hopkins. 1A and 1B situation.
Davonta Smith is quietly putting together a fantastic season. chances are he goes off tomorrow night, as Diggs covers AJ Brown. might be the last time to get Smith at a relatively cheap price
George Pickens is a good call.
buy high on Rheem Mostert dudes putting monster games together and that will continue with Tua banged up , even when Tua returns they're going to emphasize the run.
Buy high on breece hall
buy high on Nick chubb and Saquon Barkley - both are poised to win the NFL MVP award, I don't really see a QB playing lights out like these two are. my bet is one of them wins MVP.
buy really high on justin jefferson - if you can.

sell high on:
CMC he's due for a critical injury that benches him for a dozen games or more.
Dak prescott - Rush might make this a QB controversy if he wins tomorrow night. why would u go back to Dak ham when Rush 2112 is killing it??
J. Taylor get whatever you can, if anything.the well is drying up fast here.
??Mystery Buy High??


I am a sad Stevenson no coiner at the end of tonight. Not sure this is his time, but if it is, many, many fantasy points to ahead. Watching closely if this week sputters.

Bonus Mystery Buy High -

Undrafted rookie Steelers RB has been quietly outplaying their not so healthy (good?) starter.

His name is Jaylen Warren and he is not responsible your fantasy team. Pick him up tomorrow morning if you don't like the end of your bench. #BuyHigh

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