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2022 Year End Song Draft - Round 20 Today (2 Viewers)

Say what you want
But say it like you mean it with your fists for once

4.NV - Ethel Cain - American Teenager
i have a weird time with her. i do like her and I've listened to the album the a few times, but I don't feel like any individual song has fully grabbed me yet. This one's pretty good, but I'm hoping that her next album will show some more evolution.

Bunny Mode is one of my most listened to LPs of 2022. The above is Billy Eilishish. The rest, not so much. I like every track.
SCS Rd 6: Spoon - "Wild"

Bless you guys who are keeping this list fresh with songs that didn't make the mid-year. I'm gonna make sure the cream of the mid-year still gets represented in the year-end. I expect to see this album on many of the Best Albums of 2022 lists.


SCS Rd 1: Mondo Cozmo - Electrify My Love
SCS Rd 2: Maggie Rogers - That's Where I Am
SCS Rd 3: COIN - Chapstick
SCS Rd 4: Lizzo - About Damn Time
SCS Rd 5: LØLØ x Maggie Lindemann – debbie downer
Rd 6
With by Pearla

I like this one a lot. Reminds of if an a modern indie artist recorded a version of a 50s torch song.

Your description got me to tune in, and sure and **** it's accurate. What a great song. A little almost steel guitar vibe, too, in that chorus.

Reminds me of something Cat Power would do. Guess that's too easy, but it does, only better.

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