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2022 Year End Song Draft - Round 20 Today (1 Viewer)

No Drake, Kendrick, Beyonce, Weeknd. :oldunsure:

Beyonus Pick - Beyoncé feat. Madonna - BREAK MY SOUL (THE QUEENS REMIX)​

That is interesting. I took the original for the midyear playlist. I think had Drake on there as well so one of the reasons I didn't go back to them.
I’d be happy to catch the playlist up today, do we add the honorable Minchews?

ETA - Insect Revenge not on Spotify :'(
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My apologies for the tardiness of my final 10 picks. Life got hectic, then there was a brief malaise, and now I'm ready to finish my portion of the draft. The last handful are mostly artists from the mid-year that I fell in love with and must include on my year end. Credit to those who originally drafted them.

SCS Rd 11: Alec Benjamin - Dopamine Addict

SCS Rd 12: DE'WAYNE ft. grandson - GOOD MOOD

SCS Rd 13: The Regrettes - Monday

SCS Rd 14: Demi Lovato - SKIN OF MY TEETH

SCS Rd 15: Highly Suspect - Natural Born Killer

SCS Rd 16: Jack White – Taking Me Back

SCS Rd 17: Wet Leg - Wet Dream

SCS Rd 18: The Mysterines - In My Head

SCS Rd 19: NOBRO - Get with U

SCS Rd 20: Rex Orange County – KEEP IT UP

It has been, once again, a genuine pleasure to participate. Thanks to everyone who contributed.

SCS Rd 1: Mondo Cozmo - Electrify My Love
SCS Rd 2: Maggie Rogers - That's Where I Am
SCS Rd 3: COIN - Chapstick
SCS Rd 4: Lizzo - About Damn Time
SCS Rd 5: LØLØ x Maggie Lindemann – debbie downer
SCS Rd 6: Spoon - "Wild"
SCS Rd 7: Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Burning
SCS Rd 8: Viagra Boys — Punk Rock Loser
SCS Rd 9: Marcus King - It's Too Late
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Figure I'll post some 2022 hip hop. Let's ****ing go!

billy woods, Despot - Versailles

If you want it on the arm I'll charge an arm and a leg
And every other body part until there's none of them left
They say they'll miss you when you're gone until they sign out they necks
Cause every dollar that you drop is stacked on top of they head
I've finally gotten around to listening to the playlist after the month of middle-age dummy classic rock. It was a nice change of pace and I got a bunch of new artists to follow.

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