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Alexander thanks his blockers (1 Viewer)


After winning the 2005 NFL rushing title with 1,880 yards and setting the single-season touchdown record with 28, Seahawks RB Shaun Alexander participated in a tradition happily followed by most running backs who have all-time seasons.He spiffed every member of his offensive line with impressive gifts.“I have already got them their first gift," Alexander said. "I have to dig into the bag, especially if we get to Detroit, which is the plan for the bigger and better gift. These guys are a bunch of gadgets guys, it is so funny. You can’t find little things for their big fingers. So I got them, it is like a walking TiVo basically. It is a seven-inch screen and you can record movies and TV shows. Everybody has got their music they like. You can record pictures of your family. Everybody was really, really excited. They came in the night that I was leaving so I bought them in everybody’s locker and they took off. They were all pumped. I saw them with them on the plane after the game was over.”Who figured out how to work their new toy first? “I don’t know. I saw three guys that actually had them on. I also gave them to our fullbacks too. So Leonard Weaver was the first one I saw that had it working. Robbie (Tobeck) comes up to me and says, “Man, that was the greatest gift, I am going to wait until Hutch (guard Steve Hutchinson) gets his figured out.’ It was really good.”
What did he get his coach after bashing him last year?
Rushing TitleTD record

Highest scoring team in the league

1st round bye

many team records

Best team in Seahawks history

I'd say there's no hard feelings.

And there's always a big IF with that infamous quote that noone remembers. "IF they knew and didn't give it to me then I'd feel stabbed in the back" But hey, who cares about accuracy when there's headlines to write?

He should give Mack Strong a blow job
As much as I love Mack, he actually had a down year. I saw a lot of missed blocks from him, especially on blitzes. Many times I wondered who the hell they put in at FB because that can't be Strong. It's ironic that when he's had so muany better years (13 I believe) that he gets his first probowl nod on arguably his worst year. Too bad for SA's blockers that he hasn't gotten the big payday he wants yet, otherwise their gifts would be bigger!


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