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Any reason to upgrade from iPod Classic 5th gen? (1 Viewer)


I used my iPod to play music in all my cars. It's a 60 GB with about 30 GB of music on it right now. I could easily fill it & still not have all my music on it (Not that I care to)

Any compelling reasons why I should upgrade to a newer iPod or something for my music needs in the cars?

I don't use it much but I still keep my 80GB iPod Classic around for long trips.  The clickwheel interface is much better than an iOS touchscreen for a purpose-built music player. 

The Classic was replaced by the iPod Touch a few years ago.  The Touch is basically a wifi only iPhone in size and functionality.  It's totally redundant with a phone IMO whereas the Classic is only about 65% redundant.

If you like a dedicated music player, there are a bunch of companies producing them.  Storage is SD card based, they support lossless formats and you won't have to deal with iTunes.  That's the direction I'll go in if my Classic ever bites the dust.  But first I'll have a good cry.

Not IMO. I have the 160GB Classic. It works perfectly well in my 2016 Mazda & I can't think of a compelling reason to upgrade. 


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