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Anybody picking up C.Ivory w/all the talk of L.McCoy being traded? (1 Viewer)


The potential McCoy to the Eagles trade makes sense on several different levels. It also makes Chris Ivory a potential preemptive pickup in fantasy. He may not be a great rb, but he would be getting plenty of touches if McCoy is dealt.

Ivory could offer solid value if you can get him of the ww for free.

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How likely is this trade ?

where are the rumors coming from?

time frame?  I have a deal someone offered me McCoy, this would change my opinion 

also is McCoy a RB 2 in philly?  I think so

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Think it would be Ivory or Murphy? Ivory's been the fill-in guy so far, but that's on a game-by-game basis. If it's for the rest of the year, might the Bills want to look at Murphy?

I'm not sure McCoy even plays in that offense.  When would you start Ivory or Murphy? Maybe for really deep leagues. 

good thought, this didnt even cross my mind, not burning a waiver on him but hes on my radar if mccoy is dealt


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